Butterfly Octet 25 Review

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The Octet 25 offers the perfect balance of performance, portability, and space efficiency. This is a table that provides tournament-level bounce but will fit perfectly in any home or space….

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Butterfly Europa 25 Review

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A table that remains one of Butterfly’s most successful stationary indoor tables, the Europa 25 provides consistent bounce with a stylish, slick design. This table has been used for high-level…

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Butterfly Nippon 22 Review

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The Nippon 22 Rollaway is the perfect table tennis table for your home. Equipped with competition-level bounce, as well as a stylish design with efficient storage capacity, this is an…

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JOOLA Tour 1800 Review

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JOOLA’s wide range of ping pong tables makes them one of the most popular brands in the game amongst recreational players. This time, we provide the complete JOOLA Tour 1800…

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