Thanks for taking the time to read our Andro Rasanter R47 table tennis rubber Review. Let’s get straight into unpacking the key features, pros, and cons of this very popular product.

Andro Rasanter R47 Table Tennis Rubber Review

This rubber is made for aggressive attacker-style players, who play every point on the offensive. Great for high-speed shots and topspins, but difficult to control, especially if using passive shots. You’re going for the quick victory with this product, playing every point.


Who is it for?

Who is it not for?

Aggressive, attacking players of advanced level
Defensive, counterattack players, or novices learning the sport


The R47 is a popular choice among the Rasanter product line. Players are seeking to create powerful shots with spin and speeds too great for their opponents. The rubber’s capability to supply this style of play is based on its sponge hardness rated at 47°. You are granted extra power from every distance accompanied by a medium throw angle to your shot, especially with looping shots. We recommend pairing the R47 with carbon-arylate blades or just all-wood blades to maximize control.


The Andro Rasanter R47 has developed a reputation primarily as being a very fast rubber. While this is certainly true, what you gain in speed doesn’t necessarily detract from the spin this rubber can generate. It offers a fantastic balance of both spin and speed, this being complemented by a great feel at impact as well.


High-speed games and shots is what you will see with R47. You may have to take greater risks with your shots, but the speed is amazing, and playing from a medium distance is no problem. For this reason, we would strongly recommend this rubber for aggressive players while suggesting that more control focussed players stay away from it. It is considered by many who use it to be less bouncy/springy off the face than the popular Tenergy 80.


The R47 demands good footwork, technique, and overall skill due to its incredible speed. You have to make all the plays with this one, if you are against an opponent that is pushing you into a corner and catching you out of position, this rubber isn’t going to save you!

There is little control allowed for soft, passive shots, and outcomes from blocking can be difficult if you do not position the block flat enough to allow the ball to sink into the sponge. Even if you do, the bounce from the block can be greater than expected.

Features of the Andro Rasanter R47

The Rasanter R series rubbers were designed to combat the plastic ball. They utilize the new concept of combining a thicker sponge and thinner top sheet that has resulted in an improvement in Andro’s rubber game from their previous generations of Rasant. The new R series possesses a higher arc and more dwell than its predecessors.

These are the properties and attributes of the R47:

  • 68g uncut
  • 47° medium-hard sponge
  • Slight tackiness with medium-heavy weight
  • High consistency and durability
  • Thicker and longer pimple structure than the V series

Summary of Pros & Cons

  • Receives a 9.5 out of 10 from reviewers globally.
  • Offensive topspin play at higher speeds
  • Amazing contratopspins
  • Supports chop shots and delicate finesse shots, like the modern backhand flick
  • Fast rallies and immense opponent pressure
  • Rasanter is stronger, stricter, and more punishing of inaccuracies in your game
  • Not designed to support soft or slow shots
  • Defensive blocks can generate more bounce than expected making a return shot difficult
  • Does not do well with European style (bent elbow) looping shots

Frequently Asked questions

What is the difference between Andro’s V series and R series?

The difference between the R and V series is the pimple structure. The V series uses thinner and shorter pimples to allow stronger rebound effects of the sponge producing greater speeds at lower throw angles.

If you are a player looking for maximum speed at lower throw angles, then the V42 or V47 would be a better option, especially if you like playing fast attacking shots close to the table.


Many options exist when choosing a rubber product for your paddle. For players who want a bit more control and safety in their shots with ease of use against backspin, the R47 is not for you. Players with experience footwork, technique, and who thrive on dominating their opponents with fast play and wicked spin techniques will do no better than Andro Rasanter R47 Table Tennis Rubber.

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