Getting an outdoor ping pong table can be a great source of entertainment and a creative way to get the family to spend some quality time outdoors. We decided to do some reviews and find the best outdoor table tennis table out there.

Outdoor table tennis tables are different from indoor tables, purely because of the playing surface. These surfaces, as well as the undercarriage, need to be more durable and weatherproof.

  Table Surface Rating   
cornilleau outdoor longlife Cornilleau 740 Longlife
9mm Mattop resin laminate
9.5/10 Check Price
cornilleau outdoor Cornilleau 500M Crossover Outdoor 7mm Mattop resin laminate 9/10 Check Price
killerspin outdoor Killerspin MyT10 BlackStorm 6mm Aluminum-plastic 9/10 Check Price
timo boll outdoor Butterfly Timo Boll Crossline Outdoor 5mm Melamine 8.8/10 Check Price
butterfly-compact-outdoor Butterfly Compact Outdoor 12mm COMPREG 8/10 Check Price

5 Best Outdoor Table Tennis Table Reviews

This piece will look at 5 different outdoor table tennis tables, with each option varying in performance, price, and many other important factors. For each table, we will go into the major components, and what each table specializes in.

If interested, we’ve written a ping pong table buyers guide – which may assist you in choosing a table that is suitable for your home/venue.

Cornilleau 740 Longlife

Best Outdoor Table Tennis Table Review

Cornilleau’s ITTF approved 740 Longlife has become one the best and most durable outdoor tables for your training club or school. Cornilleau has quickly become one of the finest brands when it comes to outdoor tables, due to their rigid and durable quality. This is a seriously advanced outdoor table and has a professional feel to it.


Tabletop thickness9mm
Surface materialWaterproof resin laminate
Assemble timeTable requires build (1 hour+)
StorageCompact folding system
TransportCentral wheel system with brakes/lock
Price $$$$


9mm weatherproof resin laminate surface

A 9mm Mattop surface which is completely resistant to all weather, as well as being shock resistant, provides the feel and bounce of a 22mm indoor table.

The top is protected by an 85mm scratch/corrosion resistant frame, which is made out of an ultra-durable aluminum/zinc alloy.

The MATTOP finish removes the glare factor of the table, meaning you can get a game going at any time of the day.

Compact table which is easy to assemble

This table will require assembling, however, this is a compact table and it should be a comfortable process if a few people help out. This can be made to be a fun project.

Steels legs with adjustable feet

120x60mm steel legs with height-adjustable feet ensure a solid stance of the table, as well as the guarantee of always playing on a flat surface.

Compact folding system

A well-designed folding system allows for the table to be stored in a small area comfortably while not in use. 8 locking points in the storage position ensure the table is secured to its area while not in use.

Playback functionality

Folding one-half of the table allows for players to practice alone outdoors for many hours. An 8 point locking system ensures that the table is secured during practice.

Wheels system with brakes

The 740 Longlife uses a central wheel system that has brakes. Large diameter caster wheels ensure that transport is a smooth and safe process. These wheels are also weatherproof and extremely durable.

DSI locking system

A DSI locking system with 8 locking points during play position and 8 different locking points during storage position ensures the solid sturdy position at all times.

Retractable net and post system

A high-grade retractable net system is very easy to set up and will stay tight throughout your games. The net swivels automatically between the two panels when the table is closed, which further optimizes storage space.

  • Stylish, world class outdoor table
  • 9mm weatherproof resin surface feels like 22mm indoor table
  • 85mm steel frames around top surface
  • Compact and easy to assemble
  • 120×60 strong steel legs
  • Compact folding system
  • Playback functionality
  • Large wheels with brakes
  • 16 point locking system
  • Strong retractable net
  • Wheelchair friendly
  • Expensive table – one of the better outdoor table options
  • Players will be required to assemble the table
  • No ball storage or racket holders
  • Table is best suited for hard floor surfaces, rather than grass

Cornilleau 740 Longlife review

Cornilleau 500M Crossover Outdoor – Blue

Cornilleau 500M Crossover Outdoor review

Another Cornilleau table, the 500M Crossover is another outdoor table masterpiece. This time a more affordable table, it is also more suitable for your home due to its slightly more lightweight and compact build.


Tabletop thickness7mm
Surface materialWaterproof resin laminate
Assemble timeTable requires build (video for it)
StorageCompact folding system
TransportCentral wheel system with brakes/lock
Price $$$


7mm weatherproof resin laminate surface

A MATTOP finish 7mm weatherproof resin surface has a hard but consistent bounce feel, and it will have a very similar bounce to a regulation size indoor table.

The top is protected by a 60mm structural galvanized steel frame, which gives the table even more durability.

The MATTOP finish removes the glare factor of the table, meaning you can get a game going at any time of the day.

Compact table is is easy to assemble

There is a video that explains the assemble process step by step, meaning it will be comfortable to set up the 500M Crossover with friends or family.

Setup is straightforward and should take around 1 hour.

Sturdy legs with adjustable table feet

Strong leg design ensures a steady playing surface no matter what the conditions are. Adjustable height levelers on the feet of the table ensure a flat playing surface at all times.

Compact and easy folding system

A full folding system allows for comfortable folding and easy, efficient storage. Handles all around the table help with easy folding and packing away.

Playback functionality

Folding one-half of the table is made easy by the table’s lightweight and comforting folding system. Players are able to practice long hours outdoors with the 500M Crossover.

Wheels system with brakes

A central wheel system with large, 8-inch double caster wheels leads to easy transport in all kinds of terrains. 2 wheels brakes ensure locking position during play, or storage positions.

Permanent weather-resistant polyester net system

A retractable net system that automatically folds between the tops when folding has both tension and height adjustment.

These net systems are extremely durable and will stay sturdy throughout any conditions.

Ball dispenser on each side of table

A nice little bonus, ball dispensers on each side of the table mean that a rally is never far away. Balls are easily accessible, and the game will never have a long pause.

Racket holders and ball storage

Along the side of the table, near the central area, there are racket holders as well as ball storage. Up to 4 rackets can be stored here as well as 8 balls. Once again, this helps with efficient and functional storage.

  • High quality, portable outdoor table – perfect for any garden/patio
  • 7mm weatherproof resin playing surface which provides hard bounce
  • Compact table and easy to assemble
  • Sturdy legs with height adjusters on feet
  • Full folding system for storage and playback functionality
  • Central wheel system with brakes
  • Ball dispensers for quick games
  • Racket holders/ball storage
  • Permanent retractable net
  • Comes in blue or gray
  • Slightly thinner surface than more advanced outdoor tables
  • Players will need to assemble the table themselves



Killerspin MyT10 BlackStorm

Killerspin MyT10 BlackStorm review

Killerspin’s MyT10 is one of the more versatile table tennis tables on the market. It is fully weatherproof, so it is suited for all kinds of outdoor play – but can also be rolled inside for the cold winters. Its stylish design means it will fit in with any décor.


Tabletop thickness6mm
Surface materialAluminum-plastic
Assemble timeMade easier with BILT
StorageCompact folding system
Transport4 caster wheels on each half
Price $$


6mm Aluminum-plastic top

The 100% weatherproof top provides a thick playing surface that is designed to feel like an indoor medium density fiberboard. This top produces equal bounce to a regulation-size indoor table.

The top is protected by a white frame which is 40mm powder-coated steel. This ensures the top is comfortably protected from numerous elements.

Assemble with BILT

Download the BILT application when your table arrives and receive step-by-step instructions on how to build your table.

This can be seen as a defect of the table, however, this can also be made to be a fun process with the family or friends.

Adjustable height levelers

Adjustable height levelers on the feet of the table ensure a flat playing surface whether outdoors or indoors.

Full folding design

The MyT10 table is divided into 2 halves which can easily be folded into one another. This makes for efficient and easy storage when not in use.

Playback functionality

Fold one-half of the table up and set up the playback functionality on the MyT10 table. This means players can practice long hours when there isn’t an opponent up for a game.

4 locking caster wheels

With four 3 inch caster wheels on each half of the table, this makes for easy and steady mobility wherever. Lock the wheels for a secure position during play or when in storage mode.

Premium Killerspin net system

Killerspin has included their premium clip-on net and post system, which is very easy to set up and takedown. This net is also weatherproof and is more durable compared to other indoor net systems.

Ball/paddle storage

On each side of the table, there is ball and paddle storage. Each ball compartment can store up to 8 balls, and each paddle compartment can store up to 2 paddles – making it very easy to store your balls and paddles when not using the table.

  • Extremely versatile table which can be used for outdoor and indoor play
  • 6mm weatherproof aluminum-plastic surface
  • Setup made easy with BILT app
  • 2 half table makes for easy folding and playback functionality’
  • 4 caster wheels on each half
  • Premium clip-on net system
  • Ball/paddle storage
  • Stylish black looks very classy in any area
  • Budget friendly for high class table
  • Highly rated by customers
  • 6mm is slightly thinner than other advanced outdoor tables
  • Players will need to assemble the table themselves

Butterfly Timo Boll Crossline Outdoor

Butterfly Timo Boll Crossline Outdoor Review

Butterfly’s Timo Boll Crossline would make a stylish table for any garage, patio or garden. With the influence of Timo Boll himself, the table has been designed to include ideal bounce, as well as a classy, unique design. This lightweight table would make for an ideal table for outdoor family fun.


Tabletop thickness5mm
Surface materialMelamine
Assemble timeFully assembled
StorageCompact folding system
Transport4 caster wheels on each half
Price $$$


5mm Melamine top

The stylish grey top is 5mm thick and is made out of melamine. This gives the table a consistent and indoor table-like bounce while being completely weatherproof. Melamine is a hard, durable plastic-like material that resembles the bounce of an indoor table.

The top is protected by the 4-inch frame, which provides great cover from potential knocks/hazards.

Comes fully assembled

The Timo Boll Crossline comes fully assembled, meaning you’ll be able to get a game going on arrival without having to worry about building the table.

Height adjusters on table feet

Adjustable height levelers on each of the table’s feet ensure a flat playing surface wherever you’re playing.

Compact folding system

Both halves of the table fold into one another comfortably, meaning you can easily store this table when not in use. This table is lighter than other advanced outdoor tables, so folding is comfortable for even one person.

Playback functionality

The table offers full playback functionality, by folding one-half of the table up. This gives players the chance to practice long hours when no one is home.

Central wheel system

A compact undercarriage with 5-inch swiveling wheels allows for easy transport and makes it easy to set up the table anywhere, whether you’re inside or outside. The wheel system has a lock, ensuring a stable position whether in play or storage.

Butterfly Primus net system included

Butterfly has included their premium Primus net with the table, which is an adjustable permanent screw-on net. The net stays on when you fold up the table, meaning you won’t have to worry about setting up the net each time you want to get a game going.

  • Stylish, lightweight table – perfect for any home environment
  • 5mm weatherproof melamine playing surface
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Compact folding system with playback functionality
  • Central swiveling wheel system makes for easy transport
  • Permanent adjustable premium net system included
  • No ball/paddle storage
  • Slightly thinner playing surface – more advanced players may want a slightly thicker top for greater bounce

Butterfly Compact Outdoor

Butterfly Compact Outdoor review

If you’re looking for a more affordable table option that provides the ultimate when it comes to portability – Butterfly’s Compact Outdoor would be a great option. The lightweight table is very easy to pack away and set up, but still provides players with a reliable and consistent playing surface.


Tabletop thickness12mm
Surface materialResin-treated plywood
Assemble timeNo assembling required
StorageCompact folding system
Transport2 wheels in the middle
Price $


12mm COMPREG resin treated plywood surface

A fully weatherproof COMPREG surface provides players with a bounce that resembles a high-quality 19mm indoor table.

This top has 11 layers of resin-treated plywood and is coated with DuPont paint which protects it from adverse weather conditions, while also protecting it from chipping and other damage.

A strong steel frame also provides greater protection, with magenta corner pieces for safety.

No assembling required

The table comes fully assembled, and all you have to do is unfold the table once it arrives. This process is designed to be very easy and you’ll be playing within minutes.

Ultimate folding for storage

The 2 halves of the table fold into one another, with the legs folding into half of the table. This makes the table only 3 inches wide once folded. This means this table can be stored in extremely small areas, making it a great choice for smaller homes where space needs to be considered.

The only problem with this folding system is that there is no playback functionality for this table.

2 central wheels for easy maneuvering

2 wheels around the center of the table allow for easy movement around the garden/house. These wheels can be locked to ensure a sturdy position during play.

Outdoor net system included

Butterfly has included a clip-on net system which has a rubber cover for added protection for any weather conditions. Clip-on net systems are very easy to set up and takedown.

  • Affordable regulation size outdoor table which provides the ultimate in compatibility and space efficiency
  • 12mm COMPREG surface provides high quality bounce
  • Table is only 3 inches wide once folded
  • 2 central wheels for quick moving
  • Outdoor net included
  • Comes in blue or green
  • Budget friendly
  • No playback functionality
  • Not the sturdiest legs
  • No ball/paddle storage
  • Small wheels system not ideal for uneven surfaces
  • No height levelers – even playing surface required

Quick Pick

  Table Fact  
cornilleau outdoor longlife Cornilleau 740 Longlife Best Overall option
Check Price
cornilleau outdoor Cornilleau 500M Crossover Outdoor Best Value option Check Price
butterfly-compact-outdoor Butterfly Compact Outdoor Best Budget option Check Price


Outdoor tables have become seriously advanced over the years, and they’ve been designed to be really easy to use and offer serious portability.

These 5 tables vary in all attributes, such as bounce, price, and weight – and we feel at least one of these tables will suit anyone’s home.

If you’re looking for a different kind of table, we’ve reviewed many other options here.