Having the best ping pong paddle case possible would be a great decision to prolong the life of your paddle while maintaining the original performance which you received when you first got the paddle.

Please note, we also have reviewed a wide range of ping pong paddles here – which will all be a perfect fit for your new case!

  Case Quick fact  
duplex2 Duplex Ping Pong Paddle Case Best value option – high-quality case with ball storage Check Price
killerspin baraccude Killerspin Barracuda Ping Pong Paddle Carry Case Best overall case – second most expensive in the cases listed Check Price
idoraz case Idoraz Ping Pong Paddle Case Best budget option – most affordable paddle case in the cases listed Check Price

Having a ping pong paddle case will provide you with plenty of benefits for your paddle, such as:

  • Preventing accumulation of dust and other dirt while not in use: Dust and dirt can impact factors such as tackiness and the grip your paddle has, so it’s best to avoid them at all costs.
  • Protection from taking a hard knock or a fall to the floor: Dropping your paddle without a case can lead to an ugly result, such as the blade chipping or even the handle breaking. Having a padded case will remove the threat of your paddle being damaged when you drop it.
  • An easy transporting package, very comfortable to take to another venue: Having a case will make it easy to transport your paddle(s), and you can feel comfortable knowing that your paddle is well protected while travelling.
  • Protection from harmful elements while travelling (such as water): Your paddle could easily be exposed to a threat such as water while travelling. This can have a massive effect on your blade and handle.

We’ve decided to select 5 of our favorite ping pong paddle cases which will provide your paddle with these traits. We have selected cases in different price ranges, as well as several different brands – giving you a wide variety to select from.

Please note, these are not ranked in any order – they are just our favorite five case options. They also do the main job of providing your paddle with the necessary protection, while some having some bonus features, such as ball storage.

Killerspin Barracuda Ping Pong Paddle Carry Case

Killerspin has produced a high-quality ping pong paddle case that provides extreme protection while making traveling a dream. This is a brand with a great reputation, and they know how important it is to look after your gear.


Travel with Style

The case is designed with a striking black and red color scheme, along with the Killerspin logos. This can add an intimidating factor to your arrival.

High Quality Materials

This case is constructed with reinforced polyester fabric and is also padded inside for great protection.

Ball Storage

The top compartment of the case has a separate compartment for ball storage, making it easy for you to travel with balls on hand. The compartment stores 3 balls comfortably. This storage unit can also be used to store a phone, keys, or any other small essential.

Two Zippers for Compartments

The case has two compartments, one for the paddles and one for the balls. Each compartment has a strong zipper to ensure that everything is tightly packed.

Can Store Two Paddles

The main compartment has enough space for two paddles, which also has elastic straps to help secure the paddles in place. However, fitting two paddles in the main compartment may be a tight fit – so we recommend carrying only one paddle in there, as squeezing another one in may cause unnecessary damage.

Handle Strap for Comfortable Carrying

The case has a strap on the side which makes it comfortable and easy to travel with.

  • High quality materials to provide waterproof, premium case
  • 2 storage units, one for paddles and one for balls or other essentials
  • Can fit 2 paddles
  • Handle strap for comfortable transport
  • Strong zippers – durable zippers which can be hard to find
  • Inner padding for added protection
  • Stylish, intimidating case
  • An expensive option in terms of cases
  • Can be tight fitting 2 paddles in – may cause damage if forced

Duplex Ping Pong Paddle Case

best ping pong paddle case

Duplex has manufactured a high-quality ping pong paddle case that is guaranteed to provide the protection which you’re looking for in a case.


Fully Waterproof

The case is fully waterproof as it has a nylon covering on the outside. This nylon is very durable and provides the case with a solid outlining. It is vital that you look for a case that is fully waterproof, as water is a great threat to a blade.

Foam Padding Inside

The inside of the case has nylon foam padding which provides the paddle with extra protection. The case also opens fully, giving you a lot of space to put the paddle in. Often this is an issue in cases, as rubbers can be damaged when putting the paddle into the tight space.

Wrist Strap for Transport

The case has a convenient wrist strap making it comfortable to transport the paddle, making traveling with your paddle a pleasure.

Ball Storage

The case has space for 3 balls, meaning you’re able to bring balls of your choice along with you on the road.

Stylish Design

The case has a pretty cool design, with a more colorful side on the front and a more minimal look on the back – where the balls are stored.

100% Guarantee

If the case doesn’t hold up, or you’re just not happy with it – you have the option of returning and getting a new one or receiving a full refund.

  • Fully waterproof
  • Inner foam for added protection
  • Easy to carry strap
  • Ball storage (3 balls)
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Extremely budget friendly
  • Not the best zip – can break easily if not looked after
  • Only fits one paddle

JOOLA Vision Double Padded Ping Pong Paddle Case

JOOLA is another well-known brand in ping pong and has also made a ping pong paddle case with serious protection and compatibility – providing an efficient covering for both paddles and balls.


Holds Two Paddles Comfortably

The case/bag has oversized space for your two paddles, meaning there’ll be no risk of damaging your paddles when placing them in the bag. There is also a padded divider within the case, making sure that the paddles are separated properly.

Ball Storage

The case/bag has enough space to store up to 4 ping pong balls as well, making it easy to travel with all your required gear for a match. There is a mesh pocket within the case that keeps the balls separated from everything else in the case.

Curved Design

The curved design of the case gives you a comfortable hold when transporting, with a strap that fits easily and gives you a secure grip while carrying.

Anterior Mesh Pocket

This mesh pocket on the outside can be used to store other items that you may be carrying.

Constructed with tough Nylon

This durable nylon ensures the ultimate protection for your blade and rubber.

  • Holds two paddles comfortably
  • Padded divider to keep paddles separate
  • Holds up to 4 ping pong balls
  • Curved shape and strap for comfortable carrying
  • High quality nylon to provide durable protection
  • Waterproof
  • Anterior mesh pocket to store other items
  • Oversized, strong zippers
  • Budget friendly
  • Slightly pricey
  • A larger case than most

Killerspin Hard Table Tennis Paddle Bag

We’ve decided to put in another of Killerspin’s cases, as this hard-covered case provides the ultimate in terms of durability and protection.


Serious Durability and Protection

This hard-covered case made out of semi-rigid polyester provides the paddles with the ultimate protection. Having a hard case will provide greater resistance to a fall or a hard knock.

Can Hold Two Paddles

There is comfortably enough space within the case to carry two paddles, meaning you can take both of your weapons to the next venue.

Includes Elastic Paddle Fasteners

These elastic fasteners ensure that your paddles are secured within the case and won’t be rattling around while traveling, ensuring that no damage is done while on the road.

Can Hold Balls

Although there is no specific compartment for balls, players can sneakily store up to 3 balls within the case.

30-Day Warranty

If the case doesn’t provide what you’re looking for – you’re able to return it, while getting your money back.

  • Hard case which provides the ultimate durability and protection
  • Holds two paddles comfortably
  • Waterproof
  • Elastic fasteners to secure both paddles
  • Wrist strap for comfy carrying
  • Can hold balls
  • 30 day warranty
  • No separate ball holder
  • Most expensive – due to serious protection

Idoraz Ping Pong Paddle Case

Idoraz is a lesser-known ping pong brand that quickly became popular in producing solid products at affordable prices. They have also made a ping pong paddle case which provides the necessary protection.


Foam Padding

Foam padded nylon within the case provides good protection to your paddle inside.

Fully Waterproof Case

High-quality nylon coating makes the case fully waterproof, meaning your paddle will be protected in all conditions.

Elastic Blade Fastener

The single elastic fastener ensures your paddle is secured safely within the case, and won’t bounce around and potentially get damaged in the case while traveling.

Case Opens Complete 180 Degrees

The case opens widely, meaning you can easily place the paddle within the case without the rubber engaging with parts of the case. Rubbers are fragile and it is ideal if they don’t have any sort of pressure on them.

90 Day Guarantee

If you aren’t satisfied with the case, you’re able to send it back and receive a full refund. Idoraz trusts the quality in their case, and believes you’ll get the satisfaction you desire in their case.

Double Paddle Option

There is another option for this case, where you’re able to store two paddles comfortably, at a slightly higher price.

Wrist Strap for Comfortable Carrying

The case has an easy-to-use wrist strap to make for safe and comfortable carrying.

Extremely Budget Friendly

This is the most affordable paddle case we’ve reviewed, and it provides the necessary protection.

  • Foam padding for high protection
  • Fully waterproof coating
  • Elastic fastener ensures your blade is secured
  • Case opens wide to ensure that rubber doesn’t receive any sort of pressure
  • 90 day money back guarantee
  • Double paddle option
  • Wrist strap
  • Strong, large zippers
  • Most affordable case out of the options we’ve listed
  • Excellent reviews on Amazon
  • No ball storage
  • Only space for paddles – no other compartments


Having a ping pong paddle case is an important accessory to have, as it protects your paddle from many kinds of threats. Dust and dirt can have a major impact on the performance of your paddle, so it is vital to try to keep your paddle away from being exposed. Having a paddle case also makes traveling risk-free and comfortable.

We thought these were some of the best paddle cases, and they’re definitely worth looking at if you’re starting to take your ping pong a bit more seriously.