If you’re reasonably new to the game of ping pong, control is the first thing you should look to work on before focusing on other skills. Having a paddle that specializes in control can accelerate your technique in learning to control your shots, so for this piece, we will try to find the best ping pong paddle for control.

  Paddle Quick fact  
palio-expert2-price2 Palio Expert 2.0 One of the better paddles in this price range – great first paddle. Check Price
joola-omega-control2 JOOLA Omega Control Most affordable – all-out control. Check Price
killerspin-jet200-profile Killerspin JET 200 Similar price to Expert. Fan-favorite paddle – solid all-round stats. Check Price

Our 3 Favorite Options

We thought it would be necessary to highlight three different paddles which we think could be the best pre-made bats for control. The control attribute should be a priority for new players or beginners, as keeping the ball in play is the first thing to focus on – no matter what level you play at.

For each paddle, we look to go into the construction of the main components, namely the blade, the rubber, and the handle – while specifying what each paddle specializes in. We hope that this will help you determine which is the best racket for control, and which racket will suit your next upgrade.

Please note, none of these paddles are necessarily ‘better’ than the other, as they each have their unique qualities. However, all of these paddles are defensive/control style paddles – and we think they are some of the best pre-made paddles for control on the market right now.

If you would like, we’ve written a ping pong paddle buyers guide here, which may help you in determining which paddle suits you best.

We have also included a table at the bottom of this article, comparing some key stats of each racket.

Palio Expert 2.0

best ping pong paddle for control

Palio’s Expert 2.0 is the second generation of the popular Expert model. This is the control-focused paddle in Palio’s series of pre-made bats, making it a good option for newer players or beginners. We thought this would be one of the better options if you’re looking for a paddle with good control, which is why we’ve included it in this piece. We’ve written a full review on this paddle here – if interested in getting some more info.


The Expert 2.0 has an all-real wood blade, giving it a solid and durable base. This blade is the lightest in Palio’s paddle options – which benefits control majorly. Having a lighter blade will take away unnecessary power in a paddle, and give players greater ability to control their shots.

Palio has a great reputation for creating long-lasting durable blades that give players consistent results for their strokes, and this lighter blade is geared towards giving players precise control.

Another bonus of this paddle is that it comes with a protective case. This will protect the paddle from accumulating dust or other dirt whilst not in use.


Palio’s CJ8000 rubber is used for the Expert 2.0. This ITTF approved rubber is a highly rated all-round rubber, with a greater focus on control and spin. This rubber is also used on the more advanced Palio Master – a paddle that has a bit more speed.

The CJ8000 rubber has a very tacky top sheet, giving players a good ability to grip and spin the ball – this is the main reason for the paddle’s high spin rating. The sponge is also considerably softer compared to other Palio rubbers – this majorly benefits the control within the paddles, giving players more precision.

This is a premium rubber that can be easily maintained, or even replaced if need be.


The handle used for the Palio Expert 2.0 is a flared handle. This is the ideal handle for a Shakehand grip user.

Palio has used a flared handle in all of their pre-made paddles builds, as it provides great comfort to players. A flared handle suits Shakehand grip users who often look to forehand play, while also being able to control and place their shots ideally.



JOOLA Omega Control

JOOLA’s Omega Control is an ITTF approved racket that is built for all-out control – as the name suggests. It must be mentioned that this is the most affordable and budget-friendly paddle out of the three we’re mentioning.

This paddle would make a great option for a beginner’s first premium racket, as it will be the easiest for them to control their shots and get some repetitive practice. If interested, we’ve written a full Omega Control review here.


The Omega Control has a 5 ply real wood blade consisting of two different kinds of wood – namely Basswood and Tungwood. Basswood is a light wood but is resistant and strong. This wood gives players a soft feel as well as great feedback. Tungwood is a tougher wood which gives the blade a bit more consistent power.

This is a lighter blade that is geared towards control rather than speed. The Omega Control weighs in at about 154 grams, which is rather light – this gives players a great ability to control the placement of their shots and is definitely something you should be looking for if you’re someone that’s new to ping pong.

JOOLA has been responsible for making high-quality, durable blades which is a large reason for their popular and highly rated pre-made bats.


JOOLA’s inverted Adapter 32 rubber is used on the Omega Control. The pips-in rubber provides players with a soft feel leading to immense control. The rubber has a reasonably tacky top sheet as well, giving the Omega Control a solid spin rating.

The 1.8mm sponge thickness in the rubber is ideal for control-minded players, as this isn’t very thick – so shots won’t spring too much off the face. This will give players the chance to learn the offensive strokes without blasting the ball over the table.

The Adapter 32 rubber is a control-focused rubber that is great for recreational players looking to take their game to a new level. The rubber has all the necessary attributes to keep the ball in play and frustrate your rival.


The Omega Control uses the classic flared handle, making it the perfect match for someone who uses the Shakehand grip. This handle is ergonomic, meaning it is designed for both efficiency and comfort.

The flared handle is used often in JOOLA’s paddle builds, and they are well known for their comfort. JOOLA makes it a priority to have comfort as well as performance.

The classic design of the handle also gives the racket a classy feel and look, making it rather appealing to the eye.



Killerspin JET 200

Killerspin JET 200 Table Tennis Paddle Review

Killerspin’s JET 200 has become one of the most popular paddles for beginners and has racked up some seriously high ratings and reviews. The JET 200 provides players with premium components that will boost all attributes of your game whilst being at an affordable price. This would be a great first paddle to help develop your technique and work on the fundamental strokes.


The JET 200 has a 5 ply real wood blade which has a light feel. However, the paddle is considerably heavier than the likes of the Omega Control – as it weighs in at 182 grams. A heavier paddle will give shots a bit more power and slightly less control – players can get used to this weight though and still be good when it comes to control.

This blade might be slightly heavier than others in its class, but it is still comfortable and is suited to control. Killerspin are known for their high-quality, durable blades and the JET 200 has become ever popular because of this.


Killerspin’s Jet Basic rubbers are used for the JET 200. These rubbers are used to help boost control in the paddle, as well as having a tacky top sheet to help grip and spin the ball.

The sponge thickness of the JET 200 is 1.8mm, which is relatively thin. Having a sponge thickness between 1.5mm-1.8mm is suited perfectly for control, which is what this paddle specializes in. Having a thicker sponge will cause the paddle to have increased speed – which is obviously harder to control. So a sponge thickness of 1.8mm is perfect if you’re looking for control.

The only problem with this rubber is that it isn’t ITTF approved, meaning it won’t be allowed for use in tournament play. This may seem like an issue, however, if you’re competing in tournaments, you should probably be looking for a paddle with greater speed. This paddle is geared towards beginners.




  Paddle Control Spin Quick fact  
palio-expert2-price2 Palio Expert 2.0 100 90 Great control and spin Check Price
joola-omega-control2 JOOLA Omega Control 97 75 All-out control – cheapest option Check Price
killerspin-jet200-profile Killerspin JET 200 85 70 Best all round paddle out of the three Check Price

Best Option for Control and Spin?

If you’re looking for a paddle that has great control and spin, we would suggest investing in the Palio Expert 2.0. The paddle provides immense control but also has a high-quality rubber that grips and spins the ball well.

Best All Round Paddle?

If you’re looking for solid stats in all attributes, but specializing in control – your best bet would be the Killerspin JET 200. This paddle not only provides superb control but also solid numbers in speed and spin.

Best Option on a Budget?

JOOLA’s Omega Control provides players with crazy control and you’ll be able to have some seriously long rallies – giving you the chance to practice all strokes repetitively. This is comfortably the most affordable paddle out of the three, but it must be mentioned that this paddle will have considerably less speed than the others mentioned.


All of these mentioned paddles would be great options if you’re looking to invest in a paddle to boost your control. We hope this piece helps you in deciding which will suit your game best.

If you’re looking for paddles that specialize in other attributes – head over to our paddle reviews category and have a look, you may find your perfect match.