Choosing a ping pong table can be a difficult decision, as you’ll be trying to find one which is suitable for the whole family, but also has the desired attributes. Ping pong tables can be expensive, but it may be worth spending a bit more to ensure the quality you’re looking for. We review some options and try to find the best ping pong table under 1000 dollars.

  Table Surface (mm) Price Net Set  
joola tour 2500 cover JOOLA Tour 2500 25 $$ Screw Net Check Price
killerspin plugnplay 415 Killerspin PlugNPlay 415 18 $$$ Screw Net Check Price
butterfly-active-table Butterfly Active 19 19 $$ Clip Set Check Price
joola-motion-18-cover JOOLA Motion 18 18 $ Screw Net Check Price
joola-inside-25 JOOLA Inside 25 25 $$ Screw Net Check Price

5 Of The Best

This article will review 5 high-quality tables that are under 1000 dollars. For each table, we will provide the key components of the build, and discuss where each table specializes in performance.

If interested, we’ve written a ping pong table buyers guide – which may assist you in choosing a table that is suitable for your home/venue.

Without further ado, let us compare some high-quality ping pong tables.

JOOLA Tour 2500

Best Ping Pong Table Under 1000

JOOLA’s Tour 2500 has become one of the most successful recreational ping pong tables ever made. It even appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show! The USATT approved Tour 2500 bridges the gap between recreational and more advanced play and is the perfect fit for any home, school or recreational center.

Dimensions: 9 feet long 5 feet wide

Weight: 249 lbs.


1 Inch (25mm) Fiberboard Surface

A painted medium-density fiberboard provides solid and consistent bounce. Multilayer paint prevents chipping and warping helping with accelerated gameplay.

Quick Assembly

About 95% of the setup is done already. The Tour 2500 requires a 15-minute setup which means you’ll be able to get a game going soon after its arrival. Tools however are required to tighten a few bolts in the legs of the table – this ensures a sturdy and stable playing surface.

Solo Playback Compatibility

The table folds in half, meaning you’re able to set up a playback position. This gives players the chance to practice their strokes by themselves.

Heavy-Duty Powder Coated 50mm Frame

This along with a 50x50mm undercarriage acts as a shield from excessive wear and tear, extending the lifespan of the table.

Each Half of Table Comes with Own Trundle System

Trundle system on each half leads to easy transport around the house as well as the ability to stand alone.

Table can be Nested Together

Folding the halves into one another helps with storage space.

Adjustable Height Levelers + 4 inch Caster Wheels

This as well as auto-folding legs and an anti-tilting device helps with safe and mobile transport or conversion to playback mode.

Competition Grade Net Set and Post Included

Net set with easy screw locks as well as an adjustable net tension system provides players with a stable and solid net for long periods of play.

  • 1 inche Fiberboard surface – consistent bounce
  • Competition grade table
  • Quick assembly – 15 minutes
  • Playback mode for individual practice
  • Heavy-duty, durable frame
  • Halves fold into eachother – ideal for storage
  • Easy transport system
  • Competition grade net set and post
  • High quality wheel system
  • Immensely popular table
  • Heavy table – 249 pounds
  • Tools are required for setup

Killerspin UnPlugNPlay 415 Mega DeepBlu

Killerspin’s UnPlugNPlay series is one of their latest table series which brings a modern twist to ping pong tables. The UnPlugNPlay 415 Mega is a very new table that adds the latest innovations to table tennis to everyday, recreational play. Killerspin is a hugely respected brand in table tennis, and this table shows the qualities which they possess.

Dimensions: 9 feet long 5 feet wide

Weight: 220 lbs.


18mm Thick Tabletop

The regulation size tabletop provides reliable and high-quality bounce during games. The surface also has a scuff-resistant UV finish to protect the table from ball marks.

4 Built-in Levelers

Adjustable levelers ensure a perfectly level playing surface.

Locking Caster Wheels

Locking caster wheels provide serious stability during fast-paced games. Wheels also help with easy transport of the table.

Playback Compatibility with Folding Design

Fold one side of the table up and you’re able to practice all kinds of strokes. Folding both halves of the table also ensures efficient storage.

Built-in Storage for Ping Pong Balls

Built-in pockets along the edge of the table mean you’ll always be ready to get a rally going.

Premium Killerspin Net and Post Included

Killerspin has provided a high-quality net and post with the table, which fits it perfectly.

Complimentary Table Top Customization

A free custom decal for your table.

  • New table with modern innovation
  • 18mm thick table top – consistent quality bounce
  • 4 built-in levelers – level playing surface
  • Locking caster wheels – stable stance and easy transport
  • Playback compatibility
  • Folds in half – good for storage
  • Premium net and post
  • Built-in ball storage
  • Complimentary table top customization
  • Classy, modern looking table
  • Reasonably heavy table – 220 pounds

Butterfly Active 19 Deluxe Rollaway

Butterfly’s Active 19 Deluxe Rollaway is another newer table that is ideal for home recreational use. The table has a modern design and has all the attributes which are looked for in a ping pong table. Butterfly is another table tennis powerhouse and has consistently shown quality in their table builds.

Dimensions: 9 feet long 5 feet wide

Weight: 181 lbs.


19mm Thick Tabletop

Slightly thicker than regulation size, this tabletop provides great, consistent bounce.

Table Divides into 2 Halves and Offers Playback Option

The whole table divides into two separate halves which fold easily for movement and storage. One half can be set into the storage position, and this allows for the playback position and long hours of practice.

Protective Steel Frame

A steel frame with magenta corner pieces provides the table with hard protection.

Each Half has 4 Independent Wheels

Each of half of the table has 4 independent wheels which makes for easy transport and storage. These wheels can also be locked, which is ideal during games.

Ready Assembled Table

Getting a game going will take quick with this Butterfly table – all that is needed is the wheel brackets to be added.

Height Adjusters on Each Outer Leg

Having height adjusters allows for precise adjustment of the playing surface, making sure you’re always playing on a perfectly flat surface.

Includes Butterfly Clip Net and Post Set

This means you won’t have to stress about getting a net once the table has arrived – you’ll be ready to get going.

Stylish Blue Top with Slick Silver Legs

The blue top goes well with the silver lining legs of the table – giving it a classy look.

  • 19mm thick top – great bounce
  • Table divides into two separate halves – easy movement and storage
  • Table offers playback function
  • Protective steel frame ensures top is protected
  • Set of 4 locking wheels on each half – easy mobility
  • Ready assembled table
  • Height adjusters for flat surface
  • Net and post included
  • Stylish design
  • Some people may not like that the table separates
  • Clip net and post isn’t the most sturdy type of net system

JOOLA Motion 18

JOOLA’s Motion 18 is another one of their most successful tables and provides a unique balance between portability and performance. This Motion 18 is slightly lighter than other JOOLA premium tables, making it easier to store and transport. This is one of JOOLA’s more affordable tables – yet it still contains the components and features that you want in a table.

Dimensions: 9 feet long 5 feet wide

Weight: 187 lbs.


18mm Fiberboard Surface

A charcoal color painted medium-density fiberboard provides solid and consistent bounce. Multilayer paint prevents chipping and warping helping with accelerated gameplay.

40mm Warp Resistant Frame

The warp-resistant frame along with 40x40mm white undercarriage below each half provides a solid and sturdy base.

Quick Assembly

About 95% of the setup is done already. The Motion 18 requires a 15-minute setup which means you’ll be able to get a game going soon after its arrival. Tools however are required to tighten a few bolts in the legs of the table – this ensures a sturdy and stable playing surface.

Automatic Folding Legs + 4 Locking Casting Wheels

Folding legs and 4 locking casting wheels means easy transport as well as a solid stance during play. An anti-tilting device is included for added safety during transport.

2-Piece Table Allows for Playback and Easy Storage

The table is divided into two halves – this means the table has playback functionality as well as being efficient when it comes to storage.

Adjustable Rubber Feet for Height

Adjustable rubber feet have been installed in order to ensure a flat playing surface in any environment.

Ball Storage and Score Keeper

4 built-in ball holders give players the chance to store up to 3 balls in each holder. A magnetic scorekeeper is also built-in, making it easy to keep track of your games.

Net and Post Included

A high-quality screw-in net set is included with this table, which means you can have long sessions without having to worry about a wobbly net.

  • Lightweight, high quality table for home
  • 18mm thick top provides great bounce
  • 40mm warp-resistant frame
  • Quick assembly
  • Automatic folding legs + 4 locking casting wheels
  • 2 piece table – playback function and easy storage
  • Adjustable rubber feet – for level playing surface
  • Ball storage and magnetic score keeper
  • High quality net and post
  • Budget friendly
  • May not be as sturdy as other heavier tables

JOOLA Inside 25

JOOLA’s Inside 25 is a solid ping pong table that offers tournament-grade bounce at an affordable price. This Inside 25 has become one of JOOLA’s most successful tables, mainly because of the 25mm thick top which provides the bounce of most tournament-grade tables.

Dimensions: 9 feet long 5 feet wide

Weight: 249 lbs.


25mm Thick Table Top

25mm blue medium-density fiberboard top provides solid and advanced bounce. This top is USATT approved, making it an extremely advanced table for home use.

Easily Foldable Table + Playback Function

The Inside 25 folds in half easily, making storage a dream. The table also offers the playback function, meaning players can practice by themselves.

Quick Assembly

Setup should take around 15-20 minutes for the Inside 25, meaning you’ll have a game going shortly after the arrival of the table.

Height Adjusters on Each Leg

Height adjusters on each leg ensure a perfectly flat surface no matter where the game is taking place.

Each Half of Table has 4 Wheels

A wheel system on each half of the table ensures that transport is comfortable. A locking system on each side ensures stability during games.

Tournament grade Net system

A tournament-grade screw-on net system comes with the table, and this means a sturdy and solid net for long periods of play. This net has been upgrading from the clip-on net which the table used to include.

  • Advanced table at an affordable price
  • 25mm top provides professional bounce
  • Steel frame provides top with great protection
  • Easily foldable for storage and playback
  • Quick assembly
  • Height adjusters on each foot – ensures flat surface
  • Wheels on each half with lock
  • Screw-on Net and post included
  • Sturdy and solid table
  • Budget friendly
  • Heavier table – will require more than one person for folding or movement
  • No ball or paddle storage

Quick Summary

  Table Fact  
joola tour 2500 cover JOOLA Tour 2500 The most popular table on this list Check Price
killerspin plugnplay 415 Killerspin PlugNPlay 415 Mega DeepBlu The newest table on this list. Provides modern features and great performance Check Price
joola motion 18 JOOLA Motion 18 The most budget-friendly table in this piece Check Price


Ping pong tables have developed immensely over the years. They have become easier to store and transport and their bounce has become more consistent and reliable. A ping pong table under 1000 dollars is seen as an affordable option, as these provide the necessary characteristics when it comes to bounce, storage, transport, stability, and durability.

There are also some quality tables under 500 dollars.

We hope this piece helps you find a table that suits your home so that you can get involved in the great game of ping pong.

Looking for something different? We’ve reviewed some different table options here.