Ping pong is more than just an ordinary indoor game. The game gives off a natural competitive energy, which tends to bring you closer to your friends and family. The quality of the game is often determined by the quality of the table – and these can be pricey. For this reason, we have decided to review the best ping pong tables under 500 dollars.

Whether you are a professional or a beginner trying your luck with paddles, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good table. Buying a ping pong table on a tight budget might seem far-fetched, but it is more manageable than you think.

After thorough research and comparison, we have compiled the list of the best ping pong table under 500 dollars, so you can find a table that falls within your budget.

  Table Details  
joola-motion-152 JOOLA Motion 15 Best overall table under 500 dollars Check Price
stiga-midi STIGA Midi Table Black Best option if you’re on a budget. Midsize table which is perfect for casual play with friends. Check Price

A Quick Buying Guide

To get your paddles on the best ping pong table under 500, you need to zone in on what you are looking for. Our quick buying guide below covers the multiple factors you should look upon when you head out to buy the best ping pong table under 500 dollars. Please note that we have a complete buying guide for ping pong tables.

Please note, these tables will not provide the ultimate in terms of bounce and durable. There are many premium tables out there that are better suited to more serious players.

Ease of setup 

Ideally, you should get done with assembly in under an hour. Also, you should be able to set it up on your own without external help.

The ease of setup matters in that it should be quick and easy to put together the table every time you want to play on your best ping pong table under 500.


Ping pong tables are available in a wide array of materials and designs. Those lying on the higher end are water-resistant and are made with materials that meet the standards of ITTF.

Your table needs to have sturdy legs. Multiple coats and protective layers are another vital addition to keep your table from chipping and scratching.


It is not difficult to find the best ping pong table which is affordable that has the right mix of durability and quality. You should watch out for not ending up with a low-quality ping pong table when buying the one that is too far on the cheap side. 

For the best ping pong table under five hundred, there are plenty of options available from reputable brands known for their quality. Always opt for trusted companies and avoid those with a lesser respected reputation in the market.

Let us commence!

1 – JOOLA Motion 15

Best Ping Pong Table Under 500 Dollars


15mm MDF surface

A 15mm charcoal painted medium-density fiberboard provides the table with a consistent and solid bounce.

JOOLA have also released a Motion 18.

Strong frame

A strong protective frame gives a table a sturdy base. The table is also mounted on a 30x30mm white undercarriage.

High portability 

Two separate halves allow for easy mobility and transport. Having two separate halves also benefits storage space.

Quick assembly

The Motion 15 requires very little time to set up, as it comes about 95% pre-assembled. You’ll need about 15 minutes of setup before you can get a game going.

Playback compatibility

The two halves of the table can be set up perfectly for the playback position, meaning you’ll be able to practice long hours by yourself.

Automatic folding legs with locking casters

Each half of the table has automatic folding legs as well as its own trolley system with four locking casters under each – this means easy transport, storage, and a stable table during games.

Adjustable height levelers on legs

This ensures the game is always taking place on a perfectly flat surface.

Tournament grade net and post included

Having a sturdy net and post is vital for the free-flowing of a game of table tennis. This easy screw net system provides a solid, stable net and post.

Ball storage

The table has 4 easy-access ball storage compartments, which can store up to 3 balls each. This keeps games going smoothly without pause.

  • Great affordable table for your home
  • Quick assembly
  • 15mm top provides solid bounce
  • Playback compatibility
  • 2 part design for easy storage
  • Height adjusters for flat surface
  • Tournament grade net system
  • 4 locking caster wheels on each half
  • Ball storage
  • 15mm is the minimum thickness required for a table, other thicker tables may provide greater bounce

2 – JOOLA Midsize – Regulation Height Table Tennis Table

Best Ping Pong Tables Under 500
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Compact size

A mid-size table will always fit easier in your home. This table could easily fit in your apartment or another smaller-type home. The table surface is 2/3’s of a normal, regulation-size table.

Comes pre-assembled

The JOOLA midsize comes 100% pre-assembled, meaning you’ll be able to get a game going quickly with your mate. All that you have to do is unfold the legs and attach the net.

Table comes in two separate halves

This makes the table easy to transport and store, plus giving you the chance to use the table for different situations, such as beer pong, or a board game.

Posts and net included 

A net and post system is included with the table. This system is a clip-on, so it may not be the most sturdy, but still provides the basic functions of a net.

Made for indoors

This table would be an ideal fit for a living room or a garage, where space is limited.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Multipurpose table
  • Occupies little space
  • Easy to store and assemble
  • Sturdy fold-out legs
  • Budget friendly
  • Thinner top means less bounce than thicker table top
  • 2/3’s of normal table
  • No playback function

3 – STIGA Midi Table Black Edition


Efficient storage

Another mid-sized table, STIGA’s midi table is ideal for smaller homes where space is limited such as an apartment.

Quick assembly 

The STIGA midi folds easily and setup is almost instant. Get a game going as soon as your table arrives.

Easy to transport and store

The lightweight table folds easily and becomes very comfortable to transport and store in smaller compartments.


A slick black design will fit in well in your home décor, meaning you can keep the table inside rather than hiding it in the garage.

12mm thick top

A 12mm fiberboard provides solid bounce for a mid-sized table, leading to fast-paced games.

Net system included

An added bonus is the included net system.

  • Good bounce for mid-size table
  • Quick setup
  • Compact table
  • Stylish design
  • Easy transport and storage
  • Sturdy fold out legs
  • Budget friendly
  • Not the best bounce compared to normal tables
  • Net system isn’t very stable

4 – MD Sports Official Size Table Tennis Table



MD Sports makes it to our list partially due to its 15-millimeter thickness, which is usually featured in tournament ping pong tables. The thickness is critical as it affects ball bounce, and 15 millimeters offers an optimum, consistent bounce. There is also an apron underneath the 15 mm wood surface for better stability. 

All that you need

The best deal about this ping pong table is that you get all required to get right into a ping pong game in ten to fifteen minutes. The eight-piece set includes a removable net, tournament size table, posts, paddles, and even two ping pong balls, so you have everything together. We suggest having a look at some higher level paddles, which you can find here: 

Putting it together

MD Sports takes assembly to another height with the BILT guide app available on phones to guide the users. You just have to download the app, and it will take you through each step of setting up. Visuals and good graphics give a significant boost to the challenging assembly process where you are often caught with the bulk of screws and whatnot.

Single-player practice 

It’s okay if you don’t have a partner to play with, you can treat yourself to a ping pong game with this table. Since it folds up, you can fold one side and use the other for playing against. 

  • Budget-friendly
  • Comes with paddles and other gear
  • Conversion top
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Comes in black or blue
  • Paddles are of mediocre quality

5 – Franklin Sports Table Tennis Table – Indoor Table


Professional design  

This table’s advanced playing surface is constructed to help provide an ideal and consistent bounce. The natural surface provides a platform for players to use skills such as spin play and precise control.

Professional clamp net

This table comes with a high-quality clip-on net, which is set up in seconds – this means players can get into a game very quickly.

Long-lasting, premium quality

This Franklin ping pong table will be by your side for quite some years, as it extremely durable. The 9′ by 5′ official size table is built with premium components, which gives the table professional performance.

Convenient transportation 

When the game is over, the table simply folds in half – making it space-efficient. The table also has built-in rubber wheels, which means quick and easy transport for the table.

  • Quality clamp-on net
  • Budget-friendly
  • Premium quality components for durability
  • Easy to assemble


    We hope that our guide above will help you pick the best ping pong table under five hundred dollars from the lot that will meet your needs and preferences. Check the features of each table to determine which table will offer you the best playtime. 

    Looking to test your new table with a game of doubles? We’ve written a guide on ping pong doubles rules.