As you develop as a ping pong player, you’re constantly looking for ways to improve your game, so that you’re able to give your opponent a good run for their money. One of the best ways to work on your strokes and improve any weak areas in your game is by investing in a ping pong robot. We’ve decided to review the best ping pong trainer robots in the market, that will surely benefit your shot-making and technique.

Ping pong robots provide a repetitive way of practicing, meaning you can master shots as well as learn new ones. The robots shoot balls at you, which replicates that of a player. These ‘returns’ come at a set speed as well as a set placement. Players are able to set the speed and when they want the ball to land, on the robot itself. This gives players the ability to work on any weak areas in their game, by making the robot put the ball where they are less comfortable.

We’ve decided that we’re going to review the three best mid-range robots, as well as two of our favorite top-of-the-range robots. These robots come in a wide range of prices, but all of them fulfill the requirements of being great methods of practice.

We’ve picked these five robots based on reliability, variety of performance, and general performance.

For all these robots you’re going to need some balls for the practice sessions as well! We’ve reviewed some great ping pong balls for practice and competition play here.

  Robot Details Price
PP20.main_ Practice Partner Butterfly Table Tennis Robot Our favorite mid-range robot option. Can customize many parameters and is a highly rated robot Check Price
amicus-kopf-621_4 Butterfly Amicus Prime Table Tennis Robot Our favorite top-of-the-range robot. Can customize every parameter and test out all parts of a players game Check Price

Mid-Range Options

The first three robots we’re going to review are in the mid-range region. These robots are great for practice and provide basic adjustable features such as speed, frequency, and spin. These three products are reliable and perform their roles perfectly. These are also more price-friendly options.

1 – Practice Partner Butterfly Table Tennis Robot

Butterfly’s practice partner is our first pick. This robot is great for all levels as it has the capability to test all areas of a player’s game.


Quick and easy setup

A nice feature of the Practice Partner is that’s extremely quick and easy to set up. It sits directly on the tabletop – meaning players can get practicing very soon after acquiring the product. The robot also only weighs 15 pounds, making it easy to transport.

Stable ball feeding unit

The ball feeding unit is made of alloy with resistant rubber, which helps stabilize the ball’s direction and placement. This means players can expect consistent results in their practice sessions.

All kinds of spin provided

The robot is capable of producing all kinds of spin, as in topspin, backspin, and sidespin. This gives the robot a player-like feel.

Speed and frequency settings

For the speed settings, the robot ranges from 1-9 – with 1 being the slowest and 9 being the fastest. This gives players a wide range of speeds to train with.

For frequency settings, the practice partner also ranges from 1-9, with the slowest setting (1) being 25 balls per minute, and the fastest setting (9) being 80 balls per minute.

Fixed landing position

Balls can be fixed to land on one or two positions or can oscillate in terms of the length of the table. Oscillation can be set to the following: 1/4 table, 1/2 table, 3/4 table, or full table. This gives the player the chance to practice a wide range of shots.

Adjust trajectory

Players are able to adjust the trajectory of the robot, such as changing the stimulation of a low serve to the high return.

Holds 200 balls

The robot holds up to 200 balls, which is great for long looping practicing sessions as players won’t have to refill the balls on a regular basis.

Simple controller

The robot has a simple controller or remote which controls factors such as speed and frequency. The remote also has a pause button, giving players the chance to rest during the session.

  • Tests all levels of player
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Consistent ball feeder
  • Emulates all spin types
  • Wide range of speed and frequency settings
  • Fixed landing positions
  • Simple remote
  • Easy to transport
  • Can hold 200 balls
  • No recyclable ball machine, so players will need to refill after balls run out
  • Requires you to change the position of the robot on the table top when you want the ball coming from a different angle

Here’s a simple illustration of the Butterfly Practice Partner:

2 – ZXMOTO Ping Pong Robot Machine

The ZXMOTO ping pong robot is another robot we highly rate, giving players a wide variety of shots to practice.


Easy setup

The robot requires little effort to set up. No tools or equipment are required for installation, while it is also portable and easy to transport. The robot has a clip-on function, which makes it easy to attach the machine to the top of the table.

36 variations of spin balls

The ZXMOTO robot gives players 36 different spin variations, making it a challenging opponent. This gives players the chance to practice all kinds of returns and master them.

Adjust the angle

The rotating head of the robot gives players the chance to adjust the angle they’re receiving shots from.

Adjustable frequency and speed

The frequency of the balls coming at you ranges from 40-70 balls per minute, which is adjustable on the remote. These frequencies are ranged from 0-5, with 0 being the slowest and 5 being the fastest.

Speed or swing is also adjustable on the remote, with this ranging from 0-5. Again, 0 being the slowest and 5 being the fastest. This gives players a solid variety of speed ranges.

Easy remote usage

The ZXMOTO robot provides players with a remote that players can use to adjust ball frequency, swing (speed), or spin.

Up to 110 balls can be stored

110 balls can be stored per session, meaning players can have a solid session before having to refill.

  • Easy setup and installation
  • 36 different spin variations
  • Adjustable angles
  • Adjustable ball frequency and speed
  • Remote to adjust parameters
  • 110 balls per session
  • Budget-friendly
  • No recyclable ball mechanism
  • No randomization feature

3 – Suz Ping Pong Ball Machine – S101 Automatic

The Suz S101 automatic ping pong robot fulfills all the basic requirements of an effective practice robot.


Easy setup and installation

The robot is portable and easy to carry, with a clip-on feature to the top of the table. Players can get sessions going quickly with this robot.

Provides 9 different kinds of spin

The adjustable spin mechanism gives players the chance to try out a wide variety of returns and work on shots that they’re struggling with.

Easy to use remote

The wired remote or control box has analog controls for ball frequency, ball speed, oscillation, and spin. This gives players the chance to easily adjust their practice.

Adjustable height

The robot is adjustable in terms of height, giving players a wide variety of shots to work. The height will have a direct impact on the bounce on your side of the table. This height is adjustable by hand.

Can store up to 100 balls

This means players can have sustained practice sessions.

  • Easy setup
  • 9 spin options
  • Easy to use remote
  • Adjustable parameters such as speed and frequency
  • Most affordable mid-range option
  • Durable and reliable robot
  • Angle isn’t adjustable
  • Limited ball storage

Top Of The Range Options

Our next two robot reviews are at the top of the range region. These robots are pretty awesome. They provide what the mid-range robots do, but more. More variation in all areas, such as speed, frequency, spin, and training drills. These robots are comfortably more expensive, but if you’re playing ping pong at a serious level, they might be worth looking into.

These robots are really impressive, and we thought to review our two favorite top-of-the-range robots.

1 – Butterfly Amicus Prime Table Tennis Robot

Our first top-of-the-range ping pong robot is the Butterfly Amicus Prime. This robot combines knowledge and modern technology to produce one of the more impressive ping pong robots you can buy.

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Controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth

Players can control all parameters of the robot in the Amicus application via any phone or tablet that has either iOS or Android. Players can create drills, changing spin, speed, placement, or even trajectory. The app also has integrated videos, which give clear instructions on drills and other practices. Another bonus is that the Amicus comes with its own tablet, which is extremely responsive. This device can be charged directly to the robot.

Wide variety of frequency, speed and spin options

The Amicus provides players with unlimited variety in shots, making it the ultimate practice tool. Ball frequency is capable of reaching up to 120 balls per second, meaning high-intensity practice sessions. The app gives players full control over how they want their shots to be, meaning precise placement to work on key areas.

Setting up drills

Players are able to set up and store custom drills and exercises on the application – making it easy to get into a training session. These drills are stored in the app and can be quickly accessed and started.

Random Button

The random button on the app provides several ways to randomize shots within a drill. This can make drills more challenging and makes the robot feel more like an actual player.

Wireless remote

The tablet or phone isn’t the only way to control the functioning of the robot. A wireless remote is included in the product, and it can stop or start functioning, as well as increasing or decreasing ball frequency.

Adjustable ball projection height

Heights from 8′, 9.5′, 11′ and 12′ from the table are adjustable, giving the robot even more shot variety.

  • Controlled via Bluetooth
  • Comes with Android tablet, but any device can be used
  • Unlimited variety of frequency, speed, spin
  • Custom drills can be stored on the app
  • Wireless remote for easy control
  • Player-like randomization
  • The ultimate practice robot
  • One of the most expensive robot options
  • Can be difficult to take down and set up

The Amicus Prime is the ultimate ping pong practice robot. Its classy and flawless design provides players with unlimited practicing options and is sure to take your game to another level.

Here is a video of the Amicus Prime at work, with a forehand looping session:

2 – Power Pong 5000

Power Pong’s 5000 is another heavyweight when it comes to top-of-the-range ping pong robots. It is another robot that can be controlled via devices such as a smartphone or a tablet, making it efficient and easy to use.


Great variations in frequency, speed and spin

The robot gives players to adjust each parameter individually via their tablet or phone. The robot provides the no-spin ball as well, which is great for practicing strokes. The app also has a really cool placement setting, where players can drag exactly where they want the ball to land on the app.

Customizing drills

Players are able to set their own drill ups, involving up to 8 balls of different types of spin, speed, trajectory, or placement. You’re also able to tag sets of drills so that each family member or friend knows which set of drills is theirs. Players are also able to share drills with others via the app.

Finding professionally made drills

Players can search for drills on the app by searching for tags, drill names, or common properties like spin or control. This gives players the opportunity to practice in a way that professionals do.

Randomizing function

Players are able to randomize their drills, which means each ball will come out differently. This makes practice sessions less robotic and more like a real match.

  • Unlimited variety of shots
  • Custom made drills
  • Sets of drills for each individual player
  • Find professionally made drills
  • Randomizing function
  • Expensive option
  • Takes time to setup

This is another top-of-the-range ping pong robot which we think is pretty epic. It provides players with unlimited variety in their shot practice, and will definitely challenge any player of any level to improve.


So there you have it. We’ve reviewed our favorite robots from mid-range to top-of-the-range robots. We feel that all of these would improve your game, no matter what level you play at.

The mid-range options are obviously a better option in terms of price, and they provide the basic functioning of a ping pong robot – and they are great for practice. The top of the range robots provides that real player-feel to players’ practice sessions and are obviously the best option for practice. However, these are on the expensive side, and unless you’re a more advanced player, we recommend you stick to the mid-range robots, as they still do an excellent job.

Do you use a robot? Do they help you? Let us know in the comments!