Finding the best table tennis paddle cleaner is a great solution to keeping your weapon in perfect shape. You’ve found the ideal table tennis paddle to suit your game, the paddle has the ideal grip and has increased your control tremendously. You store your paddle in the garage, and after a few weeks – you’ve noticed that the paddle has developed dust on the surface. This has impacted the performance of your paddle, and you aren’t quite as lethal as when you first used the paddle.

Maintaining and cleaning your paddle can help prevent this. Cleaning your paddle can also extend the lifespan of your paddle, meaning you won’t have to find a replacement in the near future. Finding the best table tennis paddle cleaner is a great solution to keeping your weapon in perfect shape. 

We’ve decided to review some of the best table tennis paddles cleaners so that you can extend the lifespan of your ping pong paddle, and maintain consistent performance.

  Cleaner Details  
71AAsFmH7OL._SL1500_1024x1024 MightySpin Ping Pong Paddle Cleaner High-quality cleaner which revives tackiness and cleans the surface. Check Price
Annotation 2020-08-18 213137 Butterfly Table Tennis Racket Care Kit Most affordable cleaner out of the three. Check Price Killerspin Ping Pong Paddle Rubber Cleaner Killerspin has also made a high-quality cleaner. Check Price

1 – MightySpin Ping Pong Paddle Cleaner

Best Table Tennis Paddle Cleaner
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MightySpin’s paddle cleaner is extremely highly rated and is known for reviving the grip and rubbers in paddles. The solution not only cleans the surface of the paddle but also revitalizes the grip and tackiness of the rubber – keeping your spin play at an optimum. The solution is also said to keep the surface clean for at least a few days, meaning you won’t have to clean your paddle before and after every session!

The kit comes with the cleaning foam as well as a sponge with a soft side and a dense side. The white side being soft and the darker side being the dense part. 

Ideal usage: Apply about half a pump of solution on the white side of the sponge, and wipe down both sides of the paddle (rubber part) until satisfied. Then swap sides of the sponge and dry each rubber side with care. 

MightySpin’s paddle cleaner is a great way for you to keep your table tennis racket in neat shape, as well as being a way to bring back grip and tackiness in your strokes.

  • Removes dust and dirt
  • Sponge included
  • Revives tackiness and grip
  • Easy to apply
  • Lasts long
  • Budget friendly
  • If over-used, it can deteriorate rubber

2 – Butterfly Table Tennis Racket Care Kit

Butterfly is an extremely well-respected name in the ping pong industry, which is a reason we’ve decided to include their cleaning kit in this article. 

The solution itself named the Spin Refresh is a ping pong rubber foam-like cleaner that helps rejuvenate the rubber surface to its natural tacky state. The solution has an immediate effect on the tackiness of any rubber – making it the ideal choice for a spin-minded player. The solution also provides a precise and fine clean to the rubber, making sure there’s no dust left. 

The kit includes the solution, as well as a double-sided sponge – one side being the soft side, while the other being denser, for a harder clean. 

Ideal usage: Only a little bit of foam is needed for each clean. Spray a little bit of foam on each side, and use the softer sponge to clean the surface of any dust or dirt. Once the cleaning is done, leave the paddle to dry before playing a game or having a practice session. 

Butterfly is one of our favorite brands when it comes to ping pong, and they’ve made a great item to have when it comes to ping pong paddle maintenance. This cleaner will extend your paddle’s lifespan and bring back some of its old skills.

  • Rejuvenates rubber surface, bringing back grip
  • Removes all dust quickly
  • 2 sided sponge
  • Budget friendly
  • Can deteriorate rubber if used too much

3 – Killerspin Ping Pong Paddle Rubber Cleaner

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Killerspin’s ping pong paddle cleaner is another great option if you’re looking for a way to keep your paddle clean. The kit includes a spray cleaner as well as a sponge, which is great for removing dirt and cleaning residue.

This is again a great option if you’re looking to maintain grip and spin in your paddle. The solution is capable of making your paddle feel brand new again, which might give you a slight edge over your opponent.

 The solution is also anti-static, meaning dust will be less attracted to the surface of your paddle. This means you may not have to clean your paddle before or after every session. 

Ideal usage: Only apply a small amount of solution on each side of the paddle. Use the sponge to clean out the dirt and dust. Once satisfied, let the paddle dry – the solution is known to dry quickly. Play ball!

 This product is slightly more expensive than other cleaners, however, is guaranteed to exceed expectations in reviving your paddle. Killerspin is another heavyweight in the world of ping pong, and they understand that maintenance is key to keep your paddle going strong.

  • Heavyweight brand
  • Makes paddle feel new again
  • Revives tackiness in rubber
  • Removes dust and dirt
  • Can damage rubber if used too much
  • Most expensive cleaner option

Will dust actually impact your ping pong paddle?

The biggest problem for table tennis paddles is the accumulation of dust on the surface of the paddle. Paddles with more grip and a newer rubber will gain dust at a faster rate, as they are more ‘sticky’. These surfaces attract dust naturally. The more dust on the surface on the paddle, the greater the effect on shots – in a negative way. Dust can take away the spring from shots, as it nullifies the effect of the rubber. Dust can also reduce the amount of spin you’re putting on the ball. 

Dust and other dirt can also lead to premature deterioration of the rubber, which will mean you may have to start looking for a new paddle soon after buying one! It is advised that you clean your paddle before each session so that any dust or other dirt is taken out of the equation before play.

The growth of dust on a paddle can sometimes be hard to notice, and as it develops over time, but the level of play will slowly regress. Using a recognized ping pong paddle cleaner on your paddle can really surprise you, as it really does have the ability to bring back tackiness and grip in your paddle. 


Ping pong paddle maintenance is definitely something we could focus on a bit more, as we’ve gone through many paddles in our time! 

These companies have developed these cleaning solutions to help players lengthen the lifespan of their ping pong paddles, and keep them performing to their best abilities. We highly recommend picking up one of these cleaner kits.

If you’re in the market for a new paddle rather than just a cleaner – we’ve reviewed many paddle options here.