A table that remains one of Butterfly’s most successful stationary indoor tables, the Europa 25 provides consistent bounce with a stylish, slick design. This table has been used for high-level tournaments all over the globe and continues to set the bar for high-level table tennis. We provide a complete Butterfly Europa 25 review.


Top thickness25mm
Assemble timeTable comes pre-assembled
Dimensions9ft x 5ft
StorageCompact folding system
Height levelersN/A
Net systemNational League net

Who is it for?

Who is it not for?

More serious players looking for a world-class stationary indoor table. This table provides tournament-level bounce.

More casual players looking for a table to use for practice or to move around for convenience and different rooms.

Butterfly Europa 25 review

For the review, we’ll focus on the main components of any table and how this table rates in functionality, storage, transport, and performance. These are the key features we will talk about:

  • Tabletop
  • Assemble time
  • Storage
  • Playback functionality
  • Wheels
  • Height levelers
  • Net system
  • The brand

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A 25mm (1 inch) tabletop provides consistent, professional-grade bounce which is a reason for this table being used in competitive leagues all around the globe.

The tabletop is protected by a 2″ by 3/4″ steel rim which ensures greater durability for any potentially exposed parts.

This table is ITTF approved for tournament play and some of the finest tables out there will have a similar bounce to the Europa 25.

Assemble time

The Europa 25 is definitely on the heavier side, however, the table comes pretty much fully assembled, meaning all you’ll have to do is set up the net.

The chances are, you’ll need two people to set the table up because of the weight. The good thing is, you’ll have a game going in around 15-20 minutes.


This is another area where the Europa 25 excels. This table only needs 6 inches of width for storage, making it one of Butterfly’s most compact when put away.

The folded dimensions for the Europa 25 are 60″ x 55″ x 6″, making it extremely space-efficient when not in use.

Playback functionality

One of the flaws of the Europa 25 is that it doesn’t offer playback functionality. As we know, playback functionality gives one the opportunity to practice by themselves and work on certain areas of their game.

The folding system of the Europa 25 simply doesn’t allow for this feature. This is a more competition-ready table, so it’s meant to be set up properly for more serious 1-on-1 play.


The Europa 25 has 5-inch wheels that only become functional when the table is in its folded position. This means the table is only really movable once it’s ready to be stored.

In the playing position, the Europa 25 is stationary and cannot be moved. This ensures a secure and solid playing position at all times.

Many may find this questionable, but as mentioned earlier, this is a tournament-ready table that needs to be as secure as possible.

Height levelers

There are no height levelers on the Europa 25. This means that the table should always be set up on even playing grounds for the most consistent bounce.

This makes the Europa 25 great for club environments, school halls, or a space-ready garage.

Net system

The Europa 25 includes a National League net set from Butterfly. This clamp-on net system was developed decades ago by Butterfly, but remains one of the most effective and stable net systems out there for recreational play.

Having a stable, secure net greatly improves the flow and speed of any game, and the National League net set has proven itself for many years.

The brand

Butterfly is without a doubt one of the biggest names in table tennis. They have sponsored some of the best players in the sport, and continue to develop equipment that competes with the best out there.

Butterfly’s recreational and professional tables are extremely durable, and consistent which has led them to become one of the most successful in the industry.

General Overview

We’ve listed some of the major pros and cons for the Europa 25:

  • 25mm thick tabletop provides elite bounce
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • ITTF approved table for tournament play
  • One of Butterfly’s most space-efficient tables when folded up
  • Extremely secure base for high-level play
  • Used in some of the biggest tournaments around the globe
  • No playback functionality
  • Stationary table, meaning it’s not the most portable
  • No racket/ball storage
  • On the expensive side


If you’re a more serious table tennis player and looking to add a world-class table to your perfect table tennis arena, look no further than the Europa 25. This table provides some of the finest bounce out there.

If you’re looking for something a bit more portable, check out the Centrefold 25.

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