Thank you for taking the time to read this Butterfly Spin Art table tennis rubber review. We hope the information provided here helps you make a well-informed buying decision as to whether this product is the rubber for you.

Butterfly Spin Art Tennis Rubber Review

The Butterfly Spin Art is a high-quality, balanced product offering incredible speed couple with good speed and solid control ratings. It is a versatile rubber that is highly rated by advanced players looking for a hard rubber that can be used for offensive or defensive playstyles.

Who is it for?

Who is it not for?

The Butterfly Spin Art table tennis rubber is recommended for players seeking a versatile rubber for offensive and defensive play.
The Butterfly Spin Art table tennis rubber is not recommended for beginning or low level intermediate players or those who prefer a soft rubber.


In the following guide, you will learn more about the features, pros, cons and frequently asked questions about the Butterfly Spin Art table tennis rubber. By the end of this guide, you should have a feel for whether or not this rubber would make a good addition to your set of equipment.

Though one’s ability to excel in ping pong is largely determined by their effort and natural skill, using the proper equipment will also aid a table tennis player in his or her performance. To learn more about what you should take into account when purchasing a rubber, check out our table tennis rubber buyer’s guide.

Butterfly Spin Art Attributes

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Features of the Butterfly Spin Art Tennis Rubber

General Information

The Butterfly Spin Art rubber really stands out in the Butterfly range, offering the most spin and balance in comparison to other Butterfly rubbers. Because the Butterfly Spin Art combines high tension rubber technology and a sticky top sheet with one of the hardest spring sponges on the market, it is one of the most versatile options among the Butterfly rubbers.

Utilizing this rubber allows a player to take full advantage of pushes and perform well on the serve. It also utilizes increased control and spin as compared to Tenergy rubbers, which are one the best-selling Spring Sponge options on the market.

All of these features combine to create rubber that is perfectly suited to a dynamic playstyle, with an offensive or defensive focus.

Offensive & defensive play

This rubber is great for both offensive and defensive play. In offensive play, the rubber creates spinny loops while still maintaining control. In defensive play, the rubber aids in generating chops while also quickly transitioning to the attack.

The Butterfly Spin Art was the first high tension Butterfly rubber to utilize an increased level of friction. Its tacky top sheet and hard sponge creates increased spin, similar to that of the Tenergy 05.

Despite the increased spin, a skilled player can still control the ball enough to keep it short on serves and pushes. Newer players who need more control will struggle to control this rubber.

Comparison to other rubbers

For more information about how Spin Art compares to Tackiness Chop, Tackiness Chop II, and Dignics 09C, refer to the chart below.

Spin ArtTackiness ChopTackiness Chop IIDignics 09C
Sponge Density48414144

Summary of Pros & Cons

  • Versatile rubber for both offensive and defensive play
  • Offers increased spin and balance
  • Equal spin to the Tenergy 05
  • Creates spinny loops while maintaining control
  • Aids in quick transition to attack
  • Not great for players who prefer soft rubbers
  • Easier to use as an experienced player. While this is not necessarily a con, this rubber is not recommended for anyone who is not an experienced player.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get the most out of the Butterfly Spin Art Rubber?

To get the best use out of this rubber, it is important to clean and maintain it. To do so, you can purchase a racket care kit off of Amazon; after playing with your racket, pump Spin Refresh on each side of the rubber. Use the sponge in the kit to effectively clean both sides of your racket.

Once dry, place protective sheets on each side and store the paddle in a climate-controlled environment until its next use.

What kind of glue should I use with the Butterfly Spin Art?

The Butterfly Free Chack II glue is typically recommended for this type of rubber. This glue has been designed specifically for use with spring sponge rubbers which makes it ideal for the Spin Art.

What blade should be used with Butterfly Spin Art?

For those interested in purchasing the Butterfly Spin Art, it pairs well with the Timo Boll ZLF, Mizutani Jun Super ZLC, Innerforce Layer ALC, Viscaria among other Butterfly options.


For those looking to generate chops or spin loops, the Butterfly Spin Art rubber is a great option as it provides versatility while in play. This rubber will be a fantastic companion to advanced defensive or offensive players looking for a dynamic, hardtop sheet. For those who are new to table tennis, though, this rubber may not be as great of an option as it will prove too much to handle.