The Space Saver 22 is seen as the ‘little brother’ of one of Butterfly’s most successful tables, the Centrefold 25. This stylish table isn’t only space-efficient, but it also has a tabletop that provides competition-grade bounce. For this piece, we’ll provide the complete Butterfly Timo Boll Space Saver 22 review.


Top thickness22mm
Assemble timeNo assembly needed
Dimensions9ft x 5ft
StorageCompact folding system
Height levelersAdjustable on feet
Net systemNational League net

Who is it for?

Who is it not for?

This table would be great for families who like to play table tennis at a high level. This table offers impressive bounce and can be stored effectively. 

With no playback functionality, this table wouldn't suit players who are looking to practice long hours by themselves. 

Butterfly Timo Boll Space Saver 22 Review

For the review, we’ll focus on the main components of any table, and how this table rates in functionality, storage, transport, and performance. These are the key features we will talk about:

  • Table top
  • Assemble time
  • Storage
  • Playback functionality
  • Wheels
  • Height levelers
  • Net system
  • The brand

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The Space Saver has a 22mm tabletop, which gives the table impressive and true bounce. This top is also scratch-proof and is protected by a hard PVC band with a strong 2-inch steel rim. The anti-skid top provides ideal grip, for all kinds of strokes. 22mm is considered a higher tier table, as the bounce you get is close to what they play with on the professional stage.

The tabletop is supported by a sturdy and durable frame, as well as tough square steel legs. This ensures that you’ll have a solid playing surface throughout.

This table is also wheelchair friendly, as the space from the steel legs to the end of the table is 400mm. This means everyone can get involved with this table.

Assemble time

This table comes pre-assembled, meaning you won’t need to do any setting up. This is always a bonus, as you’ll be able to get a match going as soon as the table arrives. Pop the net up, and next thing you’re throwing for service.


The Space Saver has the same slim folding design as the Centrefold 25. This folding system makes it easy to put the table away into smaller spaces, and this feature was a large factor for the Centrefold 25’s major success. The two halves fold into one another, resulting in a storage width of only 51cm. A safety feature ensures that the table doesn’t unfold while being stored.

Having this efficient storage feature makes this table ideal for any environment, whether it’s a school, club, or a small home.

Playback functionality

One of the limiting features of this table is that there is no playback functionality – meaning you won’t be able to practice alone.


Four 3 inch locking rubber wheels ensure that no damage is done to your floors, and moving this table around is made to be easy. The wheels are also there to aid the storage procedure.

These wheels are lockable in both the playing and storage position, meaning your table will be sturdy in any position.

Height levelers

Adjustable height levelers on each standing leg mean you’ll be able to adjust the flatness of the table in any room, to ensure that you’re playing on a flat surface.

These levelers are easily adjustable and are very sturdy once locked in.

Net system

A Butterfly National League net system is included with this table, which is ITTF approved and is very durable. This net clamps onto the table, and is screwed on tight for maximum sturdiness. No one likes a shaky net!

The brand

Butterfly is without a doubt one of the biggest names in table tennis. They have sponsored some of the best players in the sport, and continue to develop equipment that competes with the best out there.

Butterfly’s recreational and professional tables are extremely durable, and consistent which has led them to become one of the most successful in the industry.

General Overview:

We’ve listed some of the major pros and cons for the Space Saver 22:

  • 22mm thick table means competition grade bounce with impressive consistency
  • Top is protected by hard PVC rim
  • No assembly needed
  • Slim folding system helps with efficient storage
  • Locking rubber wheels help with storage and transport
  • National League net system is sturdy and durable
  • Height levelers ensure a flat playing surface at all times
  • No playback functionality
  • No ball and paddle storage
  • Slightly on the expensive side


The Timo Boll Space Saver 22 is definitely a table worth looking at if you’re considering a table with true and high-grade bounce with efficient storage. This table has followed the legacy of the successful Centrefold 25, and its components are without a doubt built with quality.

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