The DHS Neo Hurricane 3 rubber is a favorite of professional players, as well as those with an aggressive, high-speed attacking style.


Who is it for?

Who is it not for?

The DHS Neo Hurricane 3 is recommended for players using a high speed, low fast loop and strong spin attacking method.

The DHS Neo Hurricane 3 is not recommended for a player who prefers a light weight rubber or for a beginner with relatively low skill in ping pong.


Welcome to the DHS Neo Hurricane 3 table tennis rubber review.

The DHS Neo Hurricane 3 is a popular choice among professional athletes. Since the 2000 World Olympics in Sydney, the Chinese National Team has utilized this rubber to enhance their playing ability.

To help you decide if this is an ideal rubber for you, we put together the following guide with information about the features of the DHS Neo Hurricane 3, as well as its pros and cons, and frequently asked questions. Though much of your skill as a ping pong player comes from technique and practice, the type of rubber and equipment you use will also determine your ability as a ping pong athlete. 

The following guide should help you decide if the DHS Neo Hurricane 3 will be a welcomed addition to your ping pong toolkit. 

Features of the DHS Neo Hurricane 3

General Information

The DHS Neo Hurricane 3 is a powerful rubber that harnesses stability and a high-speed arc to improve the scoring ability of a player. The stable design enables high-speed attacks, allowing the player to strike quickly.

The DHS Neo Hurricane 3 is most commonly used by the Chinese National Team and is a preferred rubber by many professional athletes. This rubber was designed to give more rebound than a traditional DHS rubber without sacrificing control or spin.

The Neo Hurricane 3 is also a great option for players trying to improve their attacking speed. The rubber will create a longer arc, therefore driving more strength and ball control into a stroke. This results in a faster attack and loop drive that is close to the table.

Downfall to using the Neo Hurricane 3

One thing to note about this rubber—because it is designed to play close to the table, it does not perform as well from a distance. When playing off the table, the arc of the ball increases in size, giving your opponent more time to respond. However, with the right maneuvering and technique, the Neo Hurricane 3 is still a prime option if you are looking for a tacky and fast rubber.

Physical Properties of the Rubber

The DHS Neo Hurricane 3 utilizes a medium-hard sponge, increased thickness as compared to Hurricane 3, and is 2.15/2.2mm in thickness. 

If you are looking to understand more about the performance differences brought about by thick vs thin sponges, go ahead and read our explanation here.

Summary of Pros and Cons

  • More rebound without sacrificing much control or spin
  • Fast speed for aggressive play
  • Great value for lower cost than competitor rubbers
  • Great rubber for professional and high-level players.
  • Used when trying to achieve a loop drive
  • Forgiving rubber. Just swing and the ball will land in the playing zone
  • Gives off a strong odor for one to two weeks after opening it
  • Heavier rubber than other alternatives
  • Not a great option for beginner ping pong players
  • Professional players use primarily for forehand, but not as great for backhand

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Neo Hurricane 3 and the Hurricane 3?

The Neo Hurricane 3 is an advanced version of the Hurricane 3; what sets the Neo rubber apart from the traditional rubber is an increase in control, spin, and speed. The Neo Hurricane 3 is designed to achieve a low, fast arc while the Hurricane 3 is designed to create a long arc. Both are suitable for loop drives.

What is the difference between a 2.0 and 2.15 thickness?

There is little difference between these two thicknesses. The general rule of thumb, however, is the thicker the sponge, the quicker the rebound. Conversely, the thinner the sponge, the more control an individual has over the stroke.

How many rubbers do you use per paddle?

Each package on Amazon includes one rubber; a paddle will require two rubbers, one for each side.

Does the rubber have a smell?

Yes, the rubber will smell for at least one to two weeks until it is worn in and has been used enough.


The DHS Neo Hurricane 3 is a stellar option for aggressive, experienced players. For those interested in taking their game to the next level, this rubber could be the perfect solution. Though it is not built for beginners, this is still a great rubber to build up to using regardless of your current skill level.