In this JOOLA Motion 18 table tennis table review we take a deep look into the features of this popular product. To start off, please find a table summarizing its specifications below:

Top thickness18mm
Assemble time15-20 minutes
Weight187 lbs.
Dimensions9ft x 5ft
Storage2 halves fold into a safe storage position
Height levelersAdjustable rubber feet to level table
Net systemReady to install net included

Who is it for?

Who is it not for?

Joola’s Motion 18 is ideal for home use, making it a great table for families who love to play. This is a lightweight table that provides solid performance for the cost and an easy set-up.
This table is not recommended for those seeking a tournament standard bounce. The Motion 18 does not offer this and carries a bigger price tag than most entry level tables on the market.
Joola motion 18 table tennis table review

There are a variety of aspects that go into purchasing the best table tennis model. For the purposes of this review, we will cover the basic information to consider for any table, and how the Motion 18 table fares in the critical categories of functionality, storage, transport/portability, and performance/durability.

Here is what you can expect to be covered in this review:

  • Table top
  • Net system
  • Assemble time
  • Storage
  • Playback functionality
  • Wheels
  • Height levellers

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The two-piece tabletop boasts an 18mm charcoal-coated MDF surface, otherwise known as a medium-density fiberboard. MDF surfaces are standard in recreational table tennis, but the polyurethane coating ensures durability and extra protection from scratches, ball marks, and more.

The Motion 18 comes with a white 40mm warp-resistant frame, which supports the 18mm tabletop very well. Not only is reliable support present, but the white color of the frame with the dark, charcoal tabletop makes for a stylish pair.

Net system

With any Motion 18, a matching net set is included. The posts on the net set can be used to ensure a level surface for optimal play. The net set itself is designed to be ready for installment upon arrival.

JOOLA designed the net system to be easy to install yet sturdy, meaning you won’t need to find a net replacement any time soon.

Joola motion 18 table tennis table review

Assemble time

Spending too much time assembling your table when you are itching to play is no fun. JOOLA knows this from years of manufacturing and experience, so they ship all of their tables mostly assembled for players. With the Motion 18, you will spend 15-20 minutes at most assembling the table, net system, and all other included features.


The Motion 18 was specifically designed with a double anti-tilting device for added safety when moving the table into a storage position. The tabletop easily folds in half for storage purposes, and the wheels attached make moving the folded table easy.

Playback functionality

The Motion 18 is equipped with the proper design and functionality for playback. Playback mode is perfect for single-player practice, and once you’re ready for some competition, you can adjust the table back to its original, flat surface to get into the game.


The undercarriages included with the Motion 18 come with four locking caster wheels (2”) under each half of the tabletop. These wheels make transportation of the table simple while the locking mechanism on each wheel makes for sturdy and safe gameplay.

Height levelers

JOOLA provides all of their customers with adjustable rubber feet to level any of their table tennis products. The rubber material eliminates any slipping and sliding during gameplay while also leveling the table for a flat surface, keeping your games consistent and safe.

Ball storage

Each corner of the Motion 18 table is equipped with a three-quantity ball holder, reducing your need to keep track of small balls or losing game balls in general.

The brand

JOOLA has been a leading brand in table tennis since 1952, partnering with North American Table Tennis (NATT) early on the brand’s inception. Recently, JOOLA was also named the official sponsor for USA Table Tennis tournaments, which includes the US Open and the US National Championship. When you think of JOOLA, words like “forward-thinking” and “high-quality” come to mind.

In 2020, JOOLA rebranded with a new logo to better reflect their focus on excellence and remain true to their brand’s 3 pillars: innovation, inclusion, and inspiration. To learn more about the JOOLA brand and legacy, head to their website here.

General Overview

  • Sleek, stylish black and white table
  • Protective coating to prevent ball marks, scratches, etc.
  • Double anti-tilting device makes for safe play and storage
  • High-quality net system included
  • Abacus style scoreboard included
  • Great for families and home settings
  • 18 mm is not optimal for tournament level gameplay (less bounce)
  • Lacks paddle storage
  • Due to the weight of the table, more than one person may be required for transportation/storage

Joola motion 18 table tennis table review


JOOLA’s Motion 18 table is a stylish, easy-functioning table that will create years of memories in your home. The features included when you purchase the Motion 18 make for safe gameplay and storage and holds true to JOOLA’s 3 brand pillars: innovative, inclusive, and inspiring. You can trust the JOOLA brand to deliver excellent quality tables and take your table tennis skills to the next level.

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