JOOLA has quickly become one of the most popular brands in the sport, mainly due to the wide variety and high quality they provide in their products. JOOLA has a wide variety of pre-made bats, fitting all kinds of players. For this piece, we’ll provide a complete JOOLA SpinForce 900 review, a racket that aims to bridge the gap between recreational and professional play.

Performance Speed: 92, Spin: 95, Control: 80
Blade7-ply (5 wood + 2 carbon)
RubberJOOLA Infinity
ITTF Approved?Yes
Our rating9.1/10

Who is it for?

Who is it not for?

This is a professional grade pre-made bat and requires a solid technique. A thicker and higher tension sponge creates immense speed, which beginners may not be able to control.
This racket doesn't suit beginners or inexperienced players who don't have the technique to control serious speed and spin.

JOOLA SpinForce 900 Review

Once again, for this review, we’ll focus on the key components of any ping pong paddle, namely: the blade, the rubber, the handle as well as what the paddle specializes in.

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The Blade

The SpinForce 900 makes use of a 7-ply blade, with 5 plywood layers as well as 2 carbon layers. The blade aims to combine both classic wood benefits and the latest in carbon technology, to create a forgiving and powerful blade, which has many gears.

The carbon layers within the blade enlarge the sweet spot of the racket, meaning all areas of strike have immense power. The carbon layers also play a large role in reducing vibration, contributing to the consistency of strike of the racket. The carbon layers add speed in general to the blade, making this a more offensive-style blade.

The inner wood plies mean a solid base for the SpinForce 900. The softer wood provides feel and precision and feel to shots, contributing to the control of the racket.

Overall, a high-quality blade is one of JOOLA’s finest when it comes to their pre-made rackets.

The Rubber

JOOLA has installed their new Infinity Rubber for the SpinForce 900. A rubber that combines a thick and soft sponge to produce a powerful catapult with impressive spin ability.

Having a sponge thickness of 2mm gives the SpinForce 900 good speed, but the softer sponge within helps create a good balance of speed and feel. That being said, having a thicker sponge requires technical ability, meaning the SpinForce 900 is an advanced racket that should be looked at by more experienced players with an advanced technique.

The softer sponge within the rubber helps increase the dwell time and grip on the ball, giving players a greater ability to apply tactical spin to their strokes. The softer sponge also benefits the feel and control of the bat, which is necessary because of the sponge thickness which the SpinForce 900 has.

This rubber is ITTF approved, making it legal for all competition play, and this is definitely a tournament-grade bat. The Infinity Rubber is one of JOOLA’s new rubbers, and it has been very effective in the SpinForce series.

The Handle

The handle used for the SpinForce 900 is a flared handle. This is the ideal handle for a Shakehand grip user.

This is the most commonly used handle in JOOLA’s pre-made rackets, as it provides both comfort and performance for the most commonly used grip – the Shakehand grip. The handle is designed for an easy transition to any kind of stroke.

General Overview

We’ve put together a table highlighting both the pros and the cons of the JOOLA SpinForce 900:

  • A great paddle for offensive players who enjoy using tactical spin to their advantage
  • A paddle suited to increase the pace of play, but equally good for chopping and blocking
  • 7-ply blade – 5 wood and 2 carbon layers
  • Solid wooden base with modern carbon benefits
  • ITTF approved Infinity Rubber – with a 2mm sponge thickness and softer core
  • Flared handle for comfort and performance
  • Red and black of alternate sides
  • Excellent reviews on Megaspin
  • This paddle isn’t for beginners and will require solid technique in order to reek the benefits of the technology used
  • This paddle is speed and spin focused and control isn’t great – especially for newer players
  • Rubber is said to become worn out if not maintained regularly

We’ve also put together some ratings out of 100, for the 3 key characteristics – speed, spin, and control.

JOOLA SpinForce 900 review


Overall, the SpinForce series has become one of JOOLA’s best. The premium rackets are well thought after and are designed in a way to bridge the gap between recreational and professional play. The SpinForce 900 is the most expensive but provides the most elite attributes, and we highly recommend this paddle if you’re a serious player looking for a professional-grade pre-made racket.

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