JOOLA’s Tour 2500 has become one of the most successful and popular table tennis tables ever, partially because of its classic design and professional bounce. The slightly thicker table bridges the gap between recreational play and more advanced play. We provide the complete JOOLA Tour 2500 table review.


Top thickness25mm (1 inch)
Assemble time15 minutes
Dimensions9ft x 5ft
Storage2 halves fold easily
Height levelersYes
Net systemScrew net

Who is it for?

Who is it not for?

An affordable advanced ping pong table for your home. A slightly heavier table that will need a large area for play. Ideal for the garage.
Not recommended for smaller scale areas/homes. A heavy table which shouldn't be moved around a lot. 

JOOLA Tour 2500 Table Review

For the review, we’ll focus on the main components of any table, and how this table rates in functionality, storage, transport, and performance. These are the key features we will talk about:

  • Tabletop
  • Assemble time
  • Storage
  • Playback functionality
  • Wheels
  • Height levelers
  • Net system
  • The brand

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The Tour 2500 has a tabletop thickness of 25mm, which is ideal for consistent and professional bounce. A medium-density fiberboard with multilayer paint to prevent chipping and warping provides a durable and consistent surface.

A heavy-duty powder-coated 50mm frame with a 50x50mm undercarriage provides great protection and adds many years to the table’s lifespan.

This USATT approved top gives players a professional feel when having games, and would be a perfect option for advanced training or even competitive league games. A neat navy blue color makes it perfect for white or orange ball use.

The 25mm thickness does make the table comfortably heavier, and some may want a thinner top for the lighter weight. The Killerspin MyT7 may be a better option for this.

Assemble time

Only 15 minutes are required for setup. The table comes 95% assembled in two halves, and only 8 bolts are needed to be tightened to attach the legs. This means that some tools are needed, but for a high-quality table like the Tour 2500, this is expected.

For a 1 inch top table, it usually takes a lot longer to set up – having a heavier table pre-assembled is a huge bonus.


The Tour 2500 is divided into two halves, which can be easily folded into one another. Due to the 1 inch top, this table is slightly heavier than others – so its advised that at least two people assist when it comes to folding and transporting.

Having the halves next to one another means the table can be stored in smaller areas – which is ideal if you can’t have the table set up at all times.

Locking caster wheels ensure the table is secured to its storage position.

Playback functionality

The Tour 2500 offers playback functionality and is achieved by setting up one of the halves into the storage position while keeping the one half in play position. Lock the wheels of the playing position half and you’re ready to have hours of steady training.

An anti-tilting device ensures a seamless transition to the playback position, as well as automatic folding legs.


Each half of the table has a trundle system with 4-inch locking caster wheels. This allows for easy transport around a venue, but also stable locking during games and storage. The anti-tilting device also benefits steady and safe mobility.

Height levelers

Adjustable height levels on each automatic folding leg ensure that you’ll always be playing on a perfectly flat surface. This is a vital component for any table.

Net system

JOOLA has provided a tournament-grade net system with their Tour 2500. The screw-on clamp set is guaranteed to provide stability during high-intensity games.

Often tables provide clip-on net systems with their tables, which is a cheaper alternative that often comes loose during games, meaning you’ll have to adjust the net often during games.

Screw-on net systems have greater durability and you won’t have to adjust/fix the net during games.

The brand

JOOLA is a hugely respected table tennis brand and they’re one of the best when it comes to tables. They have sponsored many official events and their reputation is undeniably impressive.

The brand has quickly become one of the most dominant brands in the United States and has started sponsoring some big names players such as Lily Zhang.

General Overview

We’ve listed some of the major pros and cons for the JOOLA Tour 2500:

  • 25mm thick table top provides the best bounce
  • Playback functionality
  • Easy storage with folding halves
  • Screw-on net system
  • Locking caster wheels ensure easy transport and stable games
  • Thick frame for greater protection
  • Heavier table – needs more than one person when it comes to folding and moving


Overall, the Tour 2500 is one of the more impressive table tennis tables on the market in its price range. It provides elite bounce and durability – while being really affordable for what you’re getting. JOOLA is a table tennis powerhouse and continues to impress with their tables – with this being one of their finest.

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