The JET series consists of table tennis rackets for all kinds and levels of players, making it one of the most diverse series we’ve seen from Killerspin. In this article, we will provide the complete Killerspin JET 200 paddle review.

The JET 200 is a great paddle for more recreational players that are just starting out, as it provides high quality, durable build that will make your stock standard paddles look pretty weak. The JET 200 is one of the most affordable in the JET series, making it ideal for players who are just starting out and learning the basics strokes and techniques.

Performance Speed: 60, Spin: 70, Control: 85
Blade5 ply real wood
RubberJET Basic Rubbers
Playstyle Defensive/Controlled
ITTF Approved?No
Our rating7.5/10

Who is it for?

Who is it not for?

We recommend the JET 200 to players who are new to the game of ping pong. This paddle is budget friendly, and provides all the necessary components in the build to help you develop and improve your technique. There aren't many paddles that are better to start with, in our opinion. 
We don't recommend the JET 200 to players who have developed their game to a competitive level. The paddle doesn't focus on attributes such as speed, so you won't get the desired results if you're an aggressive player with good technique. The rubbers who are also not ITTF approved - meaning this paddle won't be legal in formal competitions. 
Killerspin JET 200 Table Tennis Paddle Review

Once again, for this review, we’ll focus on the key components of any ping pong paddle, namely: the blade, the rubber, the handle as well as what the paddle specializes in.

If interested, we’ve written a complete ping pong paddle buying guide here – which may help you in determining which paddle suits you best.

The Blade

The JET 200 has a 5 ply real wood blade which gives the paddle a rather light feel. We’re not sure exactly which woods are used for the build, but we’ve only heard good things about the durability and quality of the blade.

5 ply is the minimum you should be looking for in a blade, as this provides a solid and durable base. The JET 200 blade has a reasonably light feel, however, the paddle weighs in at 182 grams – which is somewhat heavier compared to some of the other paddles we’ve reviewed. This is quite heavy for a paddle, especially for someone who’s new to the game and has only used stock table tennis rackets. This may take some time getting used to.

The blade is built with a focus on control rather than speed, making it a great choice for players who are still learning and mastering the basic strokes. The weight in the paddle adds a fair amount of power to strokes as well.

The Rubber

The rubbers used for the JET 200 are Killerspin’s Jet Basic rubbers. These rubbers are used for the JET 200 as they have immense control and a decent amount of tackiness for spin – making it ideal for practicing all kinds of strokes.

The rubber has a sponge thickness of 1.8mm, which is relatively thin. They say a paddle that has a sponge thickness of 1.5-1.8mm, is geared more towards control rather than speed.

The inverted rubbers are unfortunately not ITTF approved, meaning the JET 200 wouldn’t be legal in official competitions. However, this paddle isn’t built for serious players, it is built for players that are relatively new to the game and are looking for a paddle to improve their strokes. Once a player gets to a certain level, they may look at a higher grade racket/rubber.

These rubbers have a great reputation for increasing control and spin in players’ games and will definitely make a difference if you’ve just been using stock standard paddles.

The Handle

The handle used for the JET 200 is the classic flared handle grip. This is the go-to handle type if you’re a player that uses the Shakehand grip – as it is the most comfortable and also optimizes forehand play. Killerspin uses the flared handle for most of their paddles, making comfort and performance a priority. They also have a Penhold option for some of their paddles.

This handle is known to be a bit shorter than others in its class, which may be uncomfortable for players with bigger hands. However, the difference isn’t too drastic, and it should be comfortable for most.

General Overview

We’ve put together a table highlighting both the pros and the cons of the Killerspin JET 200:

  • Perfect paddle for recreational players looking to improve their game
  • 5 ply real wood blade
  • Light feel
  • Blade built for control
  • Jet Basic rubbers – great control and spin
  • 1.8mm sponge thickness – ideal for control
  • Classic flared handle – ideal for Shakehand grip users
  • Comes in 3 different colors – Mocha, Lime, Bluvanilla
  • Budget friendly
  • 182 gram paddle – may be too heavy for new player
  • Rubbers aren’t ITTF approved – so can’t be used in official events
  • Not a professional grade paddle
  • Handle is slightly shorter than others in its class

We’ve also put together some ratings out of 100, for the 3 key characteristics – speed, spin, and control.



Although the stats of the JET 200 aren’t the highest, we assure you that this fan favorite is a high-quality paddle and will definitely help grow your game. Killerspin is a brand that has a very strong reputation in table tennis, and their consistency in their products shows. This is definitely one of the best, if not, the best recreational paddle you’ll get in this price range.

If you’re looking for a paddle that has different attributes suited to your playstyle, we’ve reviewed plenty of other options here.

Have you used the JET 200? We’d love to hear your thoughts.