Killerspin’s JET series has been a massive success. The series has table tennis rackets suited for all kinds of players, ranging from recreational play to professional play. This article will provide the complete Killerspin JET 400 review.

The JET 400 is another prominent member of the JET series. It is a great choice for recreational to intermediate players that are looking for a powerful upgrade in their paddle. The JET 400 is a slightly different build to the JET 200, as a more professional-grade rubber is used. The JET 400 is also a pretty reasonably priced paddle, making it a perfect choice if you’re on a budget.

Performance Speed: 70, Spin: 90, Control: 80
Blade5 ply real wood
Playstyle Controlled
ITTF Approved?Yes
Our rating8.2/10

Who is it for?

Who is it not for?

We recommend the JET 400 for recreational to intermediate players who have mastered the basic strokes and are looking to add a bit more power to their shots, without losing much control. This paddle will help you reach a more advanced level of play. 
We don't recommend this paddle to more advanced players, as the speed in the paddle isn't that high so you may not get the desired results in your advanced strokeplay. 
Killerspin JET 400 Review

Once again, for this review, we’ll focus on the key components of any ping pong paddle, namely: the blade, the rubber, the handle as well as what the paddle specializes in.

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The Blade

The JET 400 blade is constructed with 5 ply real wood layers, which gives it a strong but flexible base. The blade is once again built more for control-oriented play rather than speed, however, this is a significant upgrade in speed from the JET 200.

5 ply should be the minimum you look for in a blade, as this provides a solid and durable base. The weight of the racket is similar to that of the JET 200, making it a reasonably heavy paddle at about 180 grams. This may take some time getting used to for a player who’s been using stock standard paddles.

Overall, this is a go-to blade build for Killerspin. It has produced consistent results and has led to many happy customers. This blade build is similar to that of the JET 200, which is why many people say that the two rackets feel quite similar in play.

The Rubber

The rubber used for the JET 400 is the Nitrx-4Z. This inverted rubber is said to be the main difference between the JET 200 and the JET 400, as this is a professional-grade rubber that has a massive impact on strokes.

Nitrx-4Z is an ITTF approved rubber, meaning it is legal for official tournaments. The rubber is highly rated and gives the racket a decent amount of speed, considerably higher than that of the JET 200. The rubber also has great grip with a tacky top sheet, which gives the paddle an extremely high spin rating. The Nitrx-4Z is also said to be very forgiving when receiving shots with high spin, nullifying the effect of the ball on contact.

The JET 400 has a sponge thickness of 1.8mm, which is ideal for control-oriented play, with a fair amount of speed. 1.8mm is a good thickness for all-round play but favors control. This sponge thickness is the same as the JET 200. Overall, this is a rubber of serious quality and takes the JET 400 to a slightly higher level than the JET 200. This is a professional-grade rubber that will have a noticeable impact on spin and speed play, especially if you’ve been using other recreational table tennis rackets in this price range.

The Handle

The handle used for the JET 400 is the classic flared handle grip. This is the go-to handle type if you’re a player that uses the Shakehand grip – as it is the most comfortable and also optimizes forehand play. Killerspin uses the flared handle for most of their paddles, making comfort and performance a priority.

Another bonus with the JET 400, is that there’s a Penhold handle option, which gives players who use this grip a great option for an upgrade.

General Overview

We’ve put together a table highlighting both the pros and the cons of the Killerspin JET 400:

  • Perfect paddle for recreational to intermediate players looking to advance to the next level
  • 5 ply real wood blade
  • Light feel
  • Blade built for control
  • Nitrx-4Z rubber – increased spin and speed, nullifies spin on incoming ball
  • 1.8mm sponge thickness – ideal for control
  • Classic flared handle, Penhold option too
  • Budget friendly
  • Quite a heavy paddle – may take time getting used to
  • Speed increase from JET 200 – may be difficult to control at first
  • Rubber requires maintenance to keep tackiness
  • Handle is slightly shorter than others in its class

We’ve also put together some ratings out of 100, for the 3 key characteristics – speed, spin, and control.



In terms of quality, the JET 400 is one of the best recreational table tennis rackets you’ll get in this price range. It is ideal for intermediate players who are ready to take the next step in development and reach a higher level. The JET 400 produces slightly more speed and comfortably more spin than the JET 200, while not losing too much in terms of control.

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