The JET 800 Speed N2 is Killerspin’s speed menace in the JET series. The JET series consists of various options for different kinds of players, ranging from recreational to advanced play. This article will provide the complete Killerspin JET 800 paddle review.

The JET 800 Speed N2 is the paddle with the most speed in the JET series. This Shakehand style paddle would be a good choice for more advanced intermediate players looking to play at a higher level and add more speed to their strokes.

Using a racket like the JET 800 would require a solid technique and a good general understanding of ping pong, as the control is slightly lower than others in the JET series – because of its high-speed rating. The N2 is an upgrade from the JET 800 N1 – and provides a more stylish, classy look and feel.

Performance Speed: 90, Spin: 90, Control: 75
Blade7 ply – 5 real wood 2 carbon
ITTF Approved?Yes
Our rating9/10

Who is it for?

Who is it not for?

The JET 800 is more advanced paddle that uses more technology to bring out some impressive numbers. We recommend the JET 800 to more advanced players who are able to control a heavier paddle that has high speed. This player would need a pretty solid technique for offensive strokes. 
We don't recommend the JET 800 to beginners or defensive players. This paddle has considerably higher speed than the other members of the JET series, so we suggest looking at a paddle with more control if you're new to the game. 
Killerspin JET 800 Paddle Review

Once again, for this review, we’ll focus on the key components of any ping pong paddle, namely: the blade, the rubber, the handle as well as what the paddle specializes in.

If interested, we’ve written a complete ping pong paddle buying guide here – which may help you in determining which paddle suits you best.

The Blade

The JET 800 is constructed with a 7 ply blade, consisting of 5 real wood layers and 2 carbon layers. This is a step up compared to the other members in the JET series. The wooden layers are similar to that of the JET 600, but the extra carbon layers in the JET 800 play an important role.

The carbon layers are the outer-most layer of the blade, and they enlarge the sweet spot of the paddle, meaning the paddle is powerful in all areas of strike. The carbon layers also play a role in reducing vibration at the point where contact is made with the ball.

The 5 real wood layers that sit inside the carbon layers provide the paddle with a durable and solid base – Killerspin have a great reputation for their long-lasting blades.

The JET 800 weighs in at 190 grams, making it the heaviest in the JET series. A heavier paddle suits more offensive players, as the weight gives the paddle natural speed, and a faster hand movement isn’t needed to apply pace on the ball.

Overall, the blade construction in the JET 800 is very impressive. The combination of classic wood and advanced technology in the carbon layers has led to a blade that is built for speed and precision.

The Rubber

The rubber used for the JET 800 is the ITTF approved Nitrx-4Z rubber. The rubber has been used in other members of the JET series and provides players with the ability to grip the ball well and put impressive spin on the ball. The Nitrx-4Z has a tacky top sheet, as well as a nullifying effect on incoming shots with high spin.

The difference between the other members of the JET is series, is that the JET 800 has a slightly thicker sponge – which is 2.1mm. Any sponge thickness above 2mm is built for speed – and is ideal for offensive strokeplay. This thickness will put impressive spring on shots, but will also have a positive impact on the amount of spin put on shots. The thicker the sponge – the greater the potential to spin the ball.

Overall, we love the Nitrx-4Z rubber. This is Killerspin’s go-to rubber for their JET series, and it is seriously impressive for its price range. The most noticeable attribute about the rubber is its potential to spin the ball. This ITTF approved rubber has changed many people’s games – in a good way.

The Handle

The handle used for the JET 800 is the classic flared handle grip. This is the go-to handle type if you’re a player that uses the Shakehand grip – as it is the most comfortable and also optimizes forehand play. Killerspin uses the flared handle for most of their paddles, making comfort and performance a priority.

This handle is ergonomic, which means the handle is built to maximize comfort, without taking away from performance.

It is said that the JET 800 handle is slightly shorter than others in the class, which means it may not be the most comfortable handle for players with large hands, however, this difference is by no means dramatic, and players should be able to adjust to find comfort in the handle.

General Overview

We’ve put together a table highlighting both the pros and the cons of the Killerspin JET 800:

  • The perfect shakehand paddle for more advanced players with an offensive mindset
  • 7 ply blade – 5 wood and 2 carbon layers
  • Carbon layers enlarge sweet spot and reduce vibration
  • Wood layers provide solid and durable base
  • 190 gram paddle – ideal for attacking player
  • Nitrx-4Z rubber used – great for spin
  • 2.1mm sponge – impressive speed
  • Classic ergonomic flared handle
  • Classy design
  • Fastest paddle in JET series – not for complete beginners
  • Heaviest paddle in the JET series – may take time to adjust
  • Handle is slightly shorter than others in its class
  • Most expensive paddle in the JET series

We’ve also put together some ratings out of 100, for the 3 key characteristics – speed, spin, and control.



If you’re a more experienced intermediate player who has got the hang of the offensive mindset – the JET 800 would be a great option for you. The paddle has the latest in terms of technology and is built for fast-paced play. The JET 800 is considerably higher in terms of price, but this paddle is built for more serious players who are willing to invest a bit more in order to up their game.

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Please drop a comment if you’ve used any of the JET series members – we’d love to hear your input!