Killerspin’s indoor MyT7 BluPocket has become one of the highest-rated table tennis tables in its price range. The table offers affordability, but also the ideal specs in bounce, design, and durability. For this piece, we’ll provide the complete Killerspin MyT7 table review.


Top thickness18mm
Assemble timeMade easy with BILT
Dimensions9ft x 5ft
Storage2 halves fold easily
Height levelersYes
Net systemPremium Killerspin screw-on net

Who is it for?

Who is it not for?

This table has the ideal attributes in bounce, durability, portability and affordability. A stylish table that will add to the decor of any room.
Not recommended for smaller scale areas/homes. This is quite a heavy table and will require a bit more space for ideal performance.

Killerspin MyT7 Table Review

For the review, we’ll focus on the main components of any table, and how this table rates in functionality, storage, transport, and performance. These are the key features we will talk about:

  • Table top
  • Assemble time
  • Storage
  • Playback functionality
  • Wheels
  • Height levelers
  • Net system
  • Ball/paddle storage
  • The brand

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A regulation size 18mm medium density fiberboard provides the table with solid and consistent bounce, giving the table a tournament feel during games.

The surface of the table has a repeat roller coating, which helps with protection from chipping, ball marks, and warping. A stylish navy blue painted top fits well with the silver frame and legs.

18mm is the regulation size for recreational tables. If you’re a more advanced player, you may want to look at a table with a thicker top board – which will produce greater bounce. JOOLA’s Tour 2500 might be an option.

Assemble time

One slight defect of the MyT7 is that you will have to assemble the table yourself. This process is made easier by using the BILT application, which gives a step-by-step guide to building your table.

This can be made into an exciting activity with the family, as you’re building a table which is going to provide years of fun.


The MyT7 has a full folding frame, meaning both halves of the table can be nested into one another, leading to efficient space for storage.

Playback functionality

The MyT7 offers full playback functionality by folding up one of the halves of the table while keeping the net set up.

Having a playback function is a great bonus, as players are able to work on their game when there is no one up for a game.


Each half of the table has 4 locking caster wheels, making transport safe and comfortable. These wheels each have a lock, meaning the MyT7 is secure and stable in storage or during a match.

A steel frame under the top board ensures steady and safe mobility and standing.

Height levelers

Adjustable height levelers on the table feet ensures a perfectly flat playing surface at all times, making this table suitable for many indoor settings.

Net system

Killerspin has included their premium screw-on net and post system, which means you won’t need to go looking for a new net anytime soon.

This screw-on net provides the ultimate stability and rigidity, and you’ll seldom need to tighten the net during games.

Ball/paddle storage

Each side of the tabletop can store up to 8 balls, making games go smooth as ever.

Underneath the medium density top board, there are also built-in pockets that can store up to 2 paddles.

The brand

Killerspin is becoming one of the fastest-growing brands in table tennis. They are one of the newer brands, but the quality and innovation in their products is undeniable.

General Overview

We’ve listed some of the major pros and cons for the Killerspin MyT7:

  • Stylish table which is perfect for recreational play at home
  • BILT application helps with comfortable build
  • Easy fold helps with storage and playback functionality
  • 4 locking wheels on each half
  • High grade screw-on net system
  • Ball and paddle storage
  • Affordable table
  • 18mm isn’t the best for bounce
  • Heavy table which will require more than one person for transport
  • Players will have to assemble the table themselves


Killerspin’s MyT7 is a great affordable table option that is guaranteed to create unlimited hours of fun and competitive games. The table has a stylish look while having the ideal attributes in portability, durability, and performance.

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