In this Stiga Expert Roller table review, we have a good look at the key factors of this popular table tennis table and weigh up its pros and cons.

The Stiga Expert Roller is a remarkable product that can provide an excellent experience for solo and group gameplay. It is known for its great bounce and simulates professional play with a competition-grade blue top, regulation striping, and heavy-duty chassis support. Add in its easy setup and great storage features, and you have a table that’s no fuss and all fun!


Top thickness25mm (1 inch)
Assemble time2 – 3 hours (Industry standard)
Weight270 lbs.
Dimensions9ft x 5ft
Playback-modeYes (6ft x 5ft)
Storage2 halves separate (2.5ft x 5ft)
Height levelersYes
Net systemStiga high-quality net and post included

Who is it for?

Who is it not for?

With its easy setup, reinforced chassis, and excellent bounce and spin play, this table is great for solo games, large group rooms, or competitive play. It can handle all levels from beginner to pro.
Despite its minimal storage space requirements, this table is not recommended for small spaces or homes. A heavy table that needs adequate space for games.

Stiga Expert Roller Table Review

In this Stiga Expert Roller review, we will be looking at the most important points to consider when deciding on which table tennis table best suits your needs/ This will include:

  • Tabletop
  • Assembly
  • Storage
  • Playback functionality
  • Wheels
  • Height levellers
  • Net system
  • The Stiga brand

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The entire time you play on this table you are getting the experience of a competition-grade surface. This one-inch blue top comes with edge binding and regulation style striping and is an extra high-density top with excellent bounce characteristics. You can expect the smoothest surface from Stiga due to their sanding process and specialty paints used.


Assembly may be the only difficult thing about this table, but don’t let that scare you off. Make it a good time (2 – 3 hours being the assembly time norm for a competition-grade 1” thick table) with a buddy or two as you invest in your future fun. You will need (2) 9/16 wrenches and a Phillips screwdriver to complete the process. Do not try to assemble by yourself because this table has some weight to it.


Storing is a breeze. Move the table to your chosen spot, flip the lever, the legs will fold out automatically to regulation height, and lock the wheels. You’re ready to go. The table stores just as easily and rolls smoothly from spot to spot. Its CSS system allows each table half to nest together taking up minimum space in your home.

Playback functionality

You can easily fold-up one side for fantastic playback mode. The bounce-back and smoothness of the surface will make for a competitive practice that challenges your response time and technique.


The table feels like it is gliding across the floor due to the craftsmanship of its four-inch ball-bearing wheel casters. It comes with a heavy-duty wood support apron and stable Euro-design chassis.

Once in place, the wheels can be locked into position. Each half has its own set of wheels for easy handling and the ability to secure the plates during storage and playing positions.

Height levelers

Included on the locking legs. Adjust at the bottom.

Net system 

A tournament-grade Stiga Clipper VM with a screw mounting system comes with this table. The posts are heavy-duty steel with adjustable net tension. This net system is very easy to set up and remove.

The brand

Stiga’s brand denotes quality, and they are one of the largest world manufacturing table tennis brands. They are a favorite of both amateur and professional players globally for over 60 years. Their products are now sold in over 140 different countries.

General Overview 

  • 25mm/1″ blue top competition-grade tabletop that provides a great bounce and excellent playability
  • ITTF-Approved competition table
  • Sturdy frame and reinforced wood apron that has 2 1/4″ x 1 1/2″ steel self-opening legs
  • Fold-up playback mode for solo practice
  • Separates into two halves that are easily set up and provide compact storage
  • Includes Stiga high-quality net and post set
  • Stiga Tables include a 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects
  • No built-in ball or racket holders
  • Only a one-year warranty, but for an ITTF-Approved table with a longer warranty checkout Cornilleau Competition 540 ITTF Indoor.
  • Long assembly time, especially with other 25mm tables out there that require very minimal assembly such as the JOOLA Tour 2500

Stiga Expert Roller Table Review


This is a gorgeous quality-made table that is ready for superior indoor fun or straight into a high-level tournament environment. Whether you’re an amateur or aspiring professional you could not do better than the Stiga Expert Roller. Many purchasers have already stated that the Stiga Expert Roller is the “best table out of all of the ITTF approved tables I have tried.” So, get your friends or practice for the next challenge, but either way, you will not be disappointed with this table.

We hope you enjoyed this In this Stiga Expert Roller table review. If this is not the table for you, don’t worry! We have reviewed many other tables that may be a better fit here.