These two ping pong paddles are considered the most popular and most prolific in their price range. They’re both considered advanced-level ping pong paddles, but can be used by players of any level. What makes these paddles so special, and which one suits you better? Today we compare the STIGA Pro Carbon vs Killerspin JET 800. Which one is the best ping pong paddle?

Both STIGA and Killerspin are heavyweights in their industry, producing successful and high-quality ping pong products for years.

STIGA, which is a Swedish table tennis company has been producing both hobby and professional friendly products since 1944 and quickly became one of the world’s largest brands in table tennis.

STIGA Pro Carbon vs Killerspin JET 800

Killerspin, a more recent brand, started in 2000. The luxury table tennis company has quickly become a fan favorite and is responsible for sponsoring huge events around the globe, as well as providing world-class equipment.

STIGA Pro Carbon

Who is it for?

Who is it not for?

We recommend the Pro Carbon to advanced recreational players who have decent skills in all strokeplay. This paddle has a lot of speed and spin, so it will need solid technique and execution. This paddle is capable of some impressive play, and is definitely worth looking at if you're a good player.
We don't recommend the Pro Carbon to beginners or inexperienced players. This paddle has immense spring and speed, so there will be a struggle to keep the ball in play if you don't have the necessary skills or experience. 

Killerspin JET 800

Who is it for?

Who is it not for?

The JET 800 is more advanced paddle that uses more technology to bring out some impressive numbers. We recommend the JET 800 to more advanced players who are able to control a heavier paddle that has high speed. This player would need a pretty solid technique for offensive strokes. 
We don't recommend the JET 800 to beginners or defensive players. This paddle has considerably higher speed than the other members of the JET series, so we suggest looking at a paddle with more control if you're new to the game. 
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killerspin800-price2-1 Killerspin JET 800 Speed N2 Check Price

The way we’re going to compare these paddles, is by looking into each main part of the paddle, and how each paddle differs and specializes in different areas of their build. The main parts we’re going to look at are:

  • Blade construction
  • Rubber components
  • Handle

We’re also going to look at which playstyles each paddle suits better and help you decide which one might suit you better.

We’ve made a complete paddle buying guide, which could help you in your decision-making.

Without further ado, let us compare these impressive paddles!

Blade Construction

STIGA Pro Carbon

The blade is 7 ply consisting of 5 balsa wood layers as well as 2 carbon layers. The carbon layers of the blade are considerably lighter than the balsa wood, making it a reasonably light paddle. Having a lighter paddle will benefit a player looking for more control. This blade is considerably lighter when compared to other offensive-styled paddles.

Killerspin JET 800

The blade construction of the JET 800 is very similar to that of the STIGA Pro Carbon. The 7 ply blade consists of 5 wooden layers as well as 2 carbon layers. The blade is designed to provide consistency and accuracy in a player’s game. The construction also provides the paddle with noticeable power – ideal for the more aggressive players. This is partly because it’s a heavier paddle than most in its class.

Which is the better blade?

In terms of the blade, both of these paddles are pretty similar in their construction. They are both 7 ply with 5 layers of wood and 2 layers of carbon, which gives them a light feel. STIGA’s Pro Carbon weighs in at 185 grams, while the Killerspin JET 800 is at 190 grams. This means both of these paddles are reasonably heavy and suit the more attacking player.

If you’re a more controlled/defensive player, we recommend the light paddle, so the STIGA Pro Carbon. This is a good option if you’re a player who’s just started developing an offensive playstyle. The paddle has a large sweet spot, which makes it more forgiving and adds a decent amount of speed.

While if you’re a more attacking player, you may want to look at the heavier blade – the Killerspin JET 800. Otherwise, it’s difficult to differentiate between these two paddles when it comes to the blade, as they’re both built with quality.

Rubber Components

STIGA Pro Carbon

The rubber used for the Pro Carbon is the STIGA S5, which uses nanocomposite as well as ACS technology. The use of this rubber and technology is responsible for giving the paddle outstanding control. The rubber isn’t quite at a professional standard, but it is still of high quality. The face consists of a 2mm sponge, which means it isn’t too thick, but thick enough to have a solid impact on offensive strokes.

In terms of grip and tackiness, the rubber doesn’t provide too much grip – however, this does have benefits, as it nullifies the spin on incoming shots. This helps with blocking, flat hitting, and driving. What the Pro Carbon lacks in spin, it makes up for it with its outstanding control, and this is because of the rubbers used.

Killerspin JET 800

The Nitrx-4z is the choice of rubber for the JET 800. This rubber has a slightly tacky but thin top sheet, which provides forgiveness for receiving shots with high spin. Like the Pro Carbon’s rubber, this rubber is ideal for control. The Nitrx-4z rubber is great for blocking and quick counters.

The rubber is at 2.1mm in terms of thickness, which is again very similar to the Pro Carbon. This thickness in the sponge is slightly thicker, which benefits offensive play as there will be more spring and speed off the rubber.

Which has the best rubber?

The rubbers used in both paddles both have similar properties. They both have specialized in control rather than speed and spin. This makes them both ideal for intermediate players looking to advance their game.

If you’re looking for more control, and a rubber that is going to nullify spin more for incoming shots, we would recommend looking at the STIGA Pro Carbon. This rubber doesn’t have a lot of tackiness, but it’s great for precise placement and control.

For a paddle with a touch more tackiness and spin, we suggest looking at the Killerspin JET 800. It has a slightly thicker sponge and a bit more tackiness on the tops sheet, which will lead to more spin and more speed. However, the control may not be as precise as the Pro Carbon.


STIGA Pro Carbon

The handle on the Pro Carbon is a concave flared grip handle which is ideal for the Shakehand grip user. A flared handle is where the handle starts quite wide, and gets thinner towards to start of the rubber.

The handle has a shock dispersion tube, which absorbs vibrations whiles transferring energy out from the handle. The handle is designed using WRB technology, which helps with balancing the weight of the blade towards the point of contact with the ball. This may make the paddle feel a bit heavier towards the face – which is preferred by many.

Killerspin JET 800

The handle used for the JET 800 is also a flared handle. Once again, this is ideal for the Shakehand grip user.

A slightly shorter handle is used for the JET 800, which is definitely something to take into consideration. Players with bigger hands may not enjoy the shorter handle as it may be less comfortable. However, a player with small hands will find this handle very comfortable.

The ideal handle?

Both of these paddles have a flared handle, which as mentioned is ideal for the Shakehand grip user.

The Pro Carbon provides players with a bit more advanced technology in the handle, helping with shock absorption and applying more weight towards the face of the paddle. This may be great for a lot of players, however, the extra weight towards the face might be less comfortable for others.

The JET 800 is more of a classic flared handle grip, which is extremely comfortable. The only potential negative of this handle is that is it slightly shorter than other handles in its class, which may not suit a player with bigger hands. However, the size difference isn’t too dramatic.

General Overview

We’ve decided to do a pros and cons table for each of the paddles, to give a general overview of the positives and negatives of each paddle.

STIGA Pro Carbon

  • Ideal for intermediate players looking to advance their game
  • 7 ply blade – 2 of which being carbon for lightweight feel
  • STIGA S5 rubbers used – great for control and nullifying spin
  • Shock dispersion tube in handle – reduces vibration meaning more control
  • Flared handle – ideal for Shakehand grip
  • Overall just a high quality paddle with a professional feel
  • Not much tackiness on the rubbers – this means limited spin can be put on the ball
  • Rubbers aren’t of professional quality
  • Speed isn’t it’s specialty

Killerspin JET 800

  • Slightly heavier blade – Better for attacking players
  • 7 ply blade – 5 wood and 2 carbon
  • Nitrx-4z rubber used – great for control and counter attacks
  • Flared handle – ideal for Shakehand grip user
  • Professional level paddle at a reasonable price
  • Slightly better for spin than the Pro Carbon
  • May be too heavy for some users
  • Handle is slightly shorter than other handles – which isn’t ideal for someone with smaller hands
  • Slightly more expensive than the Pro Carbon


Both the STIGA Pro Carbon and the Killerspin JET 800 are high-quality paddles with similar attributes. Both are more focused on control rather than extremely high speed and spin.

If you’re looking for a slightly lighter paddle with great control for your returns – we highly recommend the Pro Carbon. The paddle has a great ability to nullify spin on the ball, giving you precise control. The paddle also has a professional feel to it, and will certainly help you grow as a player. This is a great paddle for someone looking to employ an attacking play style.

If you’re a slightly more offensive player – we recommend looking at the JET 800. The paddle is slightly heavier and is one of the best you’re going to get in its price range. The rubbers have a touch more tackiness than the Pro Carbon, which will also benefit your spin play. This paddle is also solid in terms of control.

STIGA Pro Carbon

Killerspin JET 800


We hope this comparison article helps you determine which paddle is better suited for your game. These are both professional-level paddles that can really advance you as a player. These paddles require that you maintain them and keep them in top shape. We’ve written a piece on our favorite cleaners to help you do that.