We are happy you are here to read our Tenergy 80 table tennis rubber review. Let’s get straight into unpacking the key features, pros, and cons of this very popular product.

Tenergy 80 Table Tennis Rubber Review

The Tenergy 80 is known to be one of the most versatile rubbers in the Tenergy series. Utilizing special technologies, it is an optimal rubber choice for players that employ a versatile offensive game.


Who is it for?

Who is it not for?

The Tenergy 80 table tennis rubber is best for versatile athletes seeking high spin, speed and maximum control in passive play.
The Tenergy 80 table tennis rubber is not for athletes who want maximum speed and spin only, as other Tenergy rubbers are slightly faster than the Tenergy 80.


The Tenergy table tennis rubber series was introduced to the table tennis community in 2008. It has since become a favorite of professional athletes and was used by all top ten players in the 2015 world rankings, as well as by over 50% of athletes in the 2015 Table Tennis World Championships. Versatile athletes specifically use the Tenergy 80 to achieve high spin and speed with maximum control during passive play.

This table tennis rubber guide walks through unique features, pros, cons, and related frequently asked questions to help you know if the Tenergy 80 table tennis rubber is suitable for your needs.

Though one’s skill level in ping pong is largely determined by how much they practice, how long they’ve played, and their natural technique, the equipment used can also drastically affect one’s playing ability. Keep reading to see if the Tenergy 80 is a welcome addition to your table tennis toolkit.

Tenergy 80 Table Tennis Rubber Review

Features of the Tenergy 80 Tennis Rubber

General Information

Tenergy rubbers are known for their fast speed, high grip, curved ball trajectory, and unique rotation capability. The Tenergy 80 boasts a perfect balance between speed and spin as it utilizes spring sponge and high tension technology to achieve high playing performance. Additionally, Tenergy 80 employs a tacky surface to aid in controlled but fast play. The Tenergy 80 rubber is best suited for a modern but versatile offensive playing style.

Tenergy 80 got its name from the Pimples Code No. 180, known for its balanced performance and powerful topspin shots. Tenergy 80 table tennis rubbers maintain explosive power throughout the entire life of the rubber, reducing the number of times speed glue and boosting need to be used.

Then Tenergy 80 has an inverted speed of 13.25, a spin of 11.25, and a density of 36.

Tenergy 80’s spring sponge and high speed technology.

In order to reach the high spin and speed necessary for versatile attacking styles, the Tenergy 80 is designed using three technologies including spring sponge, high tension, and special pimple structuring.

The high tension surface creates a higher bounce when returning an offensive attack. Generally, the high tension technology in the Tenergy series creates 300% more surface tension than competing rubbers. 

Additionally, the spring sponge technology not only absorbs the speed of an attack but also provides an increased level of power played in an athlete’s return. Rather than relying strictly on the power of the player’s hit to return the ball, the spring sponge technology gives a little more power to aid in the return, living up to the springiness attributed in its name. 

Lastly, the height of the pimples in the Tenergy 80 table tennis rubber sits between the height of the pimples in the Tenergy 05 and the Tenergy 64. This particular pimple structure aids in high speed and spin performance while also maintaining increased control in passive play.

Tenergy 80 compared to other Tenergy rubbers.

The Tenergy 80 table tennis rubber offers almost comparable speed to the Tenergy 25 with approximately the same spin as the Tenergy 05. Where Tenergy stands out from these two is in its lower throwing angle. 

In terms of the pimple structure, the Tenergy 80 falls between the height of the Tenergy 64 and Tenergy 05 structures. This creates high levels of speed and spin with increased control in passive play. Therefore, the Tenergy 80 is a great rubber for versatile players.

If you are interested in what blades to pair with the Tenergy 80 rubbers, the Mizutani Jun Super ZLC, Viscaria, Innerforce Layer ZLC, and Timo Boll ALC are all great options.

How to get the most out of your Tenergy 80.

To get a long life out of your Tenergy 80, clean the rubber after each use and store it properly. If you choose to purchase a care kit with your rubbers and racket, use one pump of spin refresh on each rubber and clean with the care kit sponge. 

Once dry, apply protective sheets to both sides of the racket and place them in your Tenergy 80 case. Where possible, avoid extreme temperatures and store the racket in a controlled environment, especially while storing for a long time.

We have covered the topic of caring for your racket with a focus on helping keep its tackiness in the following guide.

Summary of Pros & Cons

  • Long lasting high performance play
  • Utilizes spring sponge technology
  • High speed and spin
  • Balanced control despite high speed and spin
  • Great for versatile players
  • Tenergy 05 creates slightly more spin than does the Tenergy 80
  • The Tenergy 25 offers slightly more speed than the Tenergy 80
  • More expensive than most competitor rubbers

Frequently Asked Questions

What blades go best with the Tenergy 80 rubber?

The Tenergy 80 goes well with the Mizutani Jun Super ZLC, Viscaria, Innerforce Layer ZLC, and Timo Boll ALC blades.

What type of glue should I use to assemble my Tenergy rubbers?

The recommended glue for Tenergy table tennis rubbers is the Butterfly Free Chack II glue.


From this Tenergy 80 table tennis rubber review, we can deduce that this product is a versatile choice, creating spin, speed, and maximum control during passive play. With its pimple structure, as well as its spring sponge and high tension structure, Tenergy 80 is a top choice among a variety of professional athletes. For those playing with a versatile attacking style, the Tenergy 80 rubber is a great choice.