Choosing a rubber for your paddle can be seriously tricky. Not only are there an abundance of great quality products on the market, but there is also a lot that rests on this decision. Choosing the ideal rubber for your playstyle can mean the difference between a great attacking shot and a killer blow! This is exactly why we decided to finally write this article, to help you find the best topspin rubber for your playstyle. Keep reading to discover our choices of topspin-suited rubbers for 2021.

How To Choose The Best Topspin Rubber For Table Tennis?

At the end of the day, your technique and skill levels will always be the most important factor when playing good topspin shots, however, choosing the right rubber for your paddle will certainly compliment your playing style. 

With all the choices available in the market, we decided to help your decision a little easier by giving you some key features to consider when making a purchase.

Sponge Thickness

This incredibly important feature is too often overlooked! Now, what exactly is a sponge? It is basically the layer between the rubber and blade of your racket. 

The sponge has a huge impact on the performance of your chosen rubber and the performance of the paddle overall. Thicker sponges (2.00mm or more) are ideal for more offensive play. Anything thinner than that would be better suited to a player that favors a controlled playstyle.

Sponge Hardness

Yes, we are still talking about sponge! Sponge thickness is not the only factor to take into account when choosing a rubber for topspin, the hardness of the sponge you choose will also have an impact on the feel of your paddle and your overall performance. Typically, harder sponges will result in  greater potential for speed. Softer sponges will allow you to have a lot more control. If you are looking to develop an “all-out attack” playstyle, go for a harder sponge. Looking to outsmart your opponents with some finesse? A softer sponge is the way to go.


Tacky rubber surfaces will allow you to generate more spin. However, keep in mind that it will also make you more vulnerable to the spin your opponent applies to the ball! All of the rubbers included in this article have all the tackiness you need to generate plenty of topspin.

Best Topspin Rubbers For Table TennisTop 8 Picks

With the criteria for a good topspin rubber out of the way, let’s get to the good part. Here are our top choices on the market today:

Tibhar Evolution EL-S

To improve your attacking skills, you need speed and spin, the Tibhar Evolution E1-S rubber offers you a fantastic combination of both. The top sheet is tacky enough and its sponge is medium-hard. The sponge feels great and provides plenty of feedback upon impact. It enables players to utilize power in their playstyle without compromising on control. Overall, this is a great balanced choice.

  • Good control and spin balance
  • Dubbed by many as the best all rounder on the market
  • Great for beginners and intermediate players
  • Elite players may find it too soft
  • A carbon blade may be necessary if the rubber feels too soft

Nittaku Fastarc G-1

This rubber defines spin and power! Described by many players as the best forehand rubber out there, the Nittaku Fastarc G-1 offers enough tackiness to produce great topspin spin and its sponge is hard enough to generate some serious speed. The rubber feels crisp and allows players to generate plenty of spin on service.

  • Offers awesome spin capabilities
  • Fairly spin insensitive on blocks and flat hit returns
  • Great value for money
  • Beginners will struggle for control with this paddle due to its speed off the face
  • Some elite players find it lacks “feel”

Butterfly Tenergy 5

The Butterfly Tenergy 05 is an explosive rubber! The unique Spring Sponge Technology used in the development of this rubber, along with its high tension rubber and tacky surface makes it a high speed, high spin solution.  

In the short game, you will be able to create great speed with very little effort, however, it can be a little unforgiving. Unless you are a player with great control and feel, you may find yourself overshooting your opponent’s end of the table regularly. For players who love speed and have no issue controlling their power, this rubber is a deadly addition to your arsenal!

  • high spin and speed
  • A great choice for a high speed, aggressive playstyle
  • Incredibly effective in short game play
  • Can be difficult to control due to its high speed
  • Potentially sensitive to opponent’s spin

DHS Hurricane 3 Neo

If you are looking for a world-class rubber on a budget, this may just be the choice for you. The DHS Hurricane 3 Neo offers solid speed and spin at a significantly lower price than the majority of its competitors. This rubber is best suited to players who like to go after the ball and hit it hard. Just swing at it and the ball will be landing in your opponent’s court thanks to its tacky surface and relatively soft/medium sponge. Softer strokes will not receive as much help on the speed generation side as they will from many of the other rubbers in this review.

  • Great for players who like to hit hard
  • High spin and decent speed
  • Amazing value for money
  • Not ideal for players who want huge speed off the bat
  • Some buyers complain of the rubber having a bad smell

Butterfly Sriver

This rubber really has stood the test of time. Since its introduction in 1967, 20 than 20 world titles have been won with this rubber! 

The Butterfly Sriver’s tacky surface and flexible, medium-hard sponge makes it a very balance choice. Aggressive players will enjoy its combination of speed, spin and control, exactly the features that have made this Butterfly’s most successful rubber in their history.

  • An incredible legacy and proven track record in competitive play
  • Balance and good for beginners
  • May lack the overall performance of modern, more technologically advanced rubbers
  • A hefty price tag

Butterfly Dignics 05

This rubber is a joy to play with. Expect quick, medium trajectory topspin shots when playing with this rubber. The surface is grippy and it creates a feeling of “holding” the ball at impact. This rubber is a fantastic choice for the attacking player who uses topspin to overpower his/her opponent. It may not be the best choice for the finesse/short game focussed player but in the hands of an aggressive player who enjoys high speed play, it can be absolutely devastating!

  • Light feel conducive to high speed stroke making
  • Speedy with high spin
  • Grippy feel at impact
  • Vulnerable to opposition spin
  • Unforgiving and not ideal for beginners

Tibhar Evolution MX-P

The fastest, most dynamic product to come out of the Evolution series. the MX-P is a super-fast rubber making it a popular choice for elite aggressive players. It’s effortless, speedy performance also makes it a solid short game rubber. Topspin players love this rubber as it allows them to put their opponents under huge pressure using good old speed and power. This rubber may have been around for a while but the newcomers are certainly not knocking this legend off its pedestal.

  • Perfectly suited to a fast playstyle
  • Offers great control to skilled players
  • Strong in the short game
  • Only suitable for advanced, aggressive players
  • Hardness of this rubber can take some getting used to

Donic BlueFire M1

While this rubber is not necessarily suitable for lower level players, in the hands of an experienced campaigner its high spin and high speed can result in deadly attacking topspin shots. It is definitely aimed at players who prefer harder rubbers and one can expect some snap in the short game on blocks and returns in general. Its not the most durable option out there but it is a great option for attacking players looking for firm feel and some serious speed!

  • Incredibly fast and spinny
  • Snappy and responsive in short game
  • Ideal for those like a hard feel
  • Too quick and difficult to control for beginners
  • Not the most durable option


The reality is, there is all-encompassing “best topspin rubber”. Different styles of rubber will suit different players. If you are an aggressive player, go ahead and choose of the harder, faster rubbers. This way you will be able to play your natural game and enjoy a little bit of extra speed thanks to the performance of the rubber. Looking for something that is a little easier to control? Go for one of the softer options. This will mean that to generate speed, you will need to hit harder and use more effort, however, you will receive the benefit of greater control and won’t have to worry as much about overshooting your opponents side of the court.

Keep practicing and keep developing your own unique play style and choose a rubber that compliments your game. Try out as many as you possibly can and settle on the one that feels right!